‘The New Cool’ Starts It’s Journey with SVL

Daikin Roadshow 2018

SVL Fargo and Roseville offices kicked off spring with the Daikin Roadshow last week. This year the trailer boasted the theme: The New Cool. An immersive, interactive experience traveling across the U.S. and Canada. As a matter of fact, this was the first spring event for both of SVL’s new locations and it was one for the books! Additionally, both locations had the weather on their side and were able to enjoy the outdoors. Since snow and rain were forecasted in the weeks prior, everyone was holding their breathe and checking their weather apps in anticipation. 


Daikin Roadshow Daikin Roadshow


Now, the roadshow showcases technology such as variable ratio compressors, magnetic bearing compressors, ECM developments and much more. Featuring two hydraulic “wings” that expand for hands-on product displays and “build your own” stations, as a result this event drew in large crowds. One of the trailer’s biggest highlights was an augmented reality cityscape that allowed you to “fly” over the landscape and delve into the buildings and solutions featured below.


Customers and employees enjoyed beautiful weather, a delicious lunch and escaping the office for part of the day. Furthermore, seminar sessions were featured at both roadshows in the new training facilities. Topics included advancements in chiller & refrigerant technologies and advancements in air handling design. Thank you to the seminar speakers, Jay Eldridge and Andy Neisen, of Daikin. Due to close office proximity, SVL welcomed the Daikin team to join them for the roadshow excitement. To sum up the event, the Daikin Roadshow 2018 SVL stops were a huge success. 


All in all, thank you to everyone who was able to join us for this one of a kind event. SVL would like to thank Daikin for providing such a unique hands-on learning experience! 


Daikin Roadshow Daikin Roadshow Daikin Roadshow


Additionally, to learn more about the Daikin Roadshow visit: www.daikinapplied.com/roadshow


If you have any questions regrading Daikin product solutions please contact your SVL representative for more information.

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