Efficiency Gains at the Same Install Costs as WSHP Systems

SVL served as the Manufacturer’s Representative for Daikin’s recent VRV-W water source heat recovery system installation. SVL’s Project Manager, Matt Davids, was instrumental in helping to provide the proper information needed for this project. 


Chippewa Valley Electric Corporation (CVEC) was in need of an HVAC system to showcase at their new office. This new system would need to be highly efficient, while also being low maintenance, quiet, comfortable, and centrally controlled. 


A variety of systems were reviewed for the project, from traditional water source heat pumps (WSHP) to four-pipe fan coils. After 

thorough analysis, a Daikin water cooled VRV-W heat recovery system with i-Touch Manager with BACnet® interface was the winning product. Compared to the previous office space with baseboard electric heating, the highly efficient Daikin VRV-W heat recovery system was a welcomed upgrade. “They cost about the same to install as WSHP systems and also offer additional efficiency and maintenance benefits. Owners like the idea of being able to consolidate the compressors in one location as well”, Todd Armstrong, Apex Engineering. 


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this efficient system is how seamless it is to integrate the equipment controls. “It would have probably taken a third-party controls sub-contractor hundreds of hours to program and integrate the system. It only took SVL, along with Daikin technicians, two days to start-up the entire system.” Equally as impressed with the system has been CVEC themselves, “The power bill for the entire year, using the VRV system, was equal to one month’s heating bill with the old system,” said Russ Falkenberg, Director of IT and Member Services, CVEC. 


   Daikin Equipment 


    • 18-Ton VRV W-III Water Source Heat Recovery

    • 4 Branch Selector Boxes
    • 13 FXMQ DC-Ducted Concealed Ceiling Unit
    • 1 FXUQ 4-Way Blow Ceiling-Suspended Cassette
    • 1 Intelligent Touch Manager (iTM)
    • 1 BACnet® Client
    • 1 BACnet® Server with add-on control modules
    • 14 BRC1E73 Navigation Remote Controller




Click here to read the full case study, provided by Daikin

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