SVL Competed in the 51st Annual ASHRAE Golf Tournament

SVL Teams Enjoy ASHRAE Golf Event



SVL sales engineers and customers took to the green for a day of friendly competition at the ASHRAE golf event. The ASHRAE Minnesota Chapter held their 51st Annual Golf Outing on June 6th at the Majestic Oaks Golf Club. SVL teams, from both Roseville and Fargo, split up and played the Crossroads and Signature courses. With great weather and lots of food and refreshments along the course, a great time was had by all. 



SVL not only participated in the event, but also sponsored two holes. In order to up the competition, SVL’s sales engineers and marketing team had games set up at both holes for all participants to try their luck. The Crossroads hole had the game “Closest To The Pin”, prizes included SVL Pro-V golf balls, SVL golf towels and cooling towels. The Signature hole featured the memorable “Chip into BlueDuct Game”. This game is a test of accuracy, patience and lots of luck. Big thanks to LynLake Brewery for supplying the coveted growler prizes for anyone who made it into the BlueDuct elbow piece. The games weren’t always easy but they provided many laughs!


SVL Golf Balls SVL BlueDuct Game LynLake Brewery Growlers


“Golf is a puzzle without an answer. I’ve played the game for 50 years and I still haven’t the slightest idea of how to play.” – Gary Player


Thank you Majestic Oaks Golf Club for hosting the event as well as providing lunch and dinner for all attendees.  SVL looks forward tackling this puzzle and participating again next year!

Daikin Innovation Roadshow 2018

Daikin Innovation Roadshow 2018 Presented by SVL, Inc. 

The Daikin Innovation Roadshow made it’s first stops with SVL! In case you missed it, SVL has captured the excitement of the Daikin Innovation Roadshow to share with you! From fan array’s to food trucks, this event was truly a one of a kind experience. Daikin’s roadshow trailer was impressive to say the least, featuring product displays, hands-on technology and even an augmented realityscape. Daikin specialists were on hand to provide insight on the products, assist with technology and answer questions. 




Attendees enjoyed the great weather, networking, and the Taste of Target Field food truck, which offered the best ballpark favorites. In addition to the innovation trailer, attendees were provided the opportunity to attend two educational seminars. Topics included Advancements in Chiller and Refrigerant Technologies and Advancements in Air Handling Design.

Thank you to everyone who came to the event, it was great to see so many familiar faces as well as many new ones. 


Click here to see the full schedule of Daikin Roadshow 2018 stops. 


Daikin RoadshowDaikin Roadshow

Daikin Roadshow













From Daikin

Daikin’s HVAC Innovation Roadshow hits the highways this May 2018. The trailer brings an immersive, interactive experience to more than 38 cities across U.S. and Canada. This inaugural tour carries the latest technology to bring the Daikin story to life for you.

This decked out trailer features hydraulic “wings” that spread out to create a show filled with hands-on product displays as well as “build your own” stations. You’ll step into an augmented-reality cityscape that lets you fly over the landscape to delve into buildings and solutions that matter most.

The roadshow will feature embedded technology such as variable volume ratio (VVR) compressor, magnetic bearing compressors, inverter compressor, ECM developments, and Intelligent Solutions®. Product showcases will include: SmartSource® WSHP, DOAS development for WSHP, ThinLine fan coils as well as PreciseLineTM blower coil.


Watch for innovation rolling into a city near you and plan to step into the New Cool and the Future of HVAC with us.


Daikin Roadshow: The Road Ahead Just Got More Interesting

‘The New Cool’ Starts It’s Journey with SVL

Daikin Roadshow 2018

SVL Fargo and Roseville offices kicked off spring with the Daikin Roadshow last week. This year the trailer boasted the theme: The New Cool. An immersive, interactive experience traveling across the U.S. and Canada. As a matter of fact, this was the first spring event for both of SVL’s new locations and it was one for the books! Additionally, both locations had the weather on their side and were able to enjoy the outdoors. Since snow and rain were forecasted in the weeks prior, everyone was holding their breathe and checking their weather apps in anticipation. 


Daikin Roadshow Daikin Roadshow


Now, the roadshow showcases technology such as variable ratio compressors, magnetic bearing compressors, ECM developments and much more. Featuring two hydraulic “wings” that expand for hands-on product displays and “build your own” stations, as a result this event drew in large crowds. One of the trailer’s biggest highlights was an augmented reality cityscape that allowed you to “fly” over the landscape and delve into the buildings and solutions featured below.


Customers and employees enjoyed beautiful weather, a delicious lunch and escaping the office for part of the day. Furthermore, seminar sessions were featured at both roadshows in the new training facilities. Topics included advancements in chiller & refrigerant technologies and advancements in air handling design. Thank you to the seminar speakers, Jay Eldridge and Andy Neisen, of Daikin. Due to close office proximity, SVL welcomed the Daikin team to join them for the roadshow excitement. To sum up the event, the Daikin Roadshow 2018 SVL stops were a huge success. 


All in all, thank you to everyone who was able to join us for this one of a kind event. SVL would like to thank Daikin for providing such a unique hands-on learning experience! 


Daikin Roadshow Daikin Roadshow Daikin Roadshow


Additionally, to learn more about the Daikin Roadshow visit:


If you have any questions regrading Daikin product solutions please contact your SVL representative for more information.

Cambridge Engineering Expands SVL’s Product Offerings


Cambridge Engineering




SVL Continues To Expand Their Industrial Product Line with Cambridge Engineering 

Cambridge Engineering partners with SVL to represent high temperature heating and ventilation (HTHV) products. Cambridge is now able to expand their reach through SVL, one of the Midwest’s largest commercial HVAC equipment dealers. Hence, SVL is proud to announce this partnership. With offices in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Fargo, SVL is able to provide a range of solutions throughout the Midwest. 


“We are honored to welcome SVL to our nationwide sales network at Cambridge.  We are impressed with the strong engineering experience and use of advanced technology by both of these firms, not to mention their longevity and excellent reputations in the industry,” said Doug Eisenhart, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Cambridge. 


Learn more about Cambridge Engineering

In 2010, Cambridge introduced the SA-Series. This addition brought all the advantages of the S-Series into a compact design for commercial HVAC. The SA series is incredible at providing heating efficiency, without the complexity of a condensing system. Cambridge began utilizing High Temperature Heating & Ventilation technology in its products with the goal of increasing heating efficiency. As a result, these products have the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to standard efficiency units. You can see the positive impact of Cambridge HTHV products highlighted in the case studies from the Department of Energy. The savings resulted in between 20% and 70% savings on building energy costs. This makes it the most efficient heating system technology available.


Cambridge Engineering, Inc. has invested in technology research and development to offer products with a variety of benefits. Some of these include saving energy, reducing operating costs and improving indoor air quality in buildings. Not to mention, Cambridge Engineering has been manufacturing commercial and industrial heating and ventilation equipment for over 50 years. Their commitment to safety and innovation are the guiding principles for everything they manufacture. With over 2 billion square feet of space heated/ventilated and 30,000+ installations, they have continuously worked with customers to overcome any heating and ventilation issues.

In conclusion, Cambridge Engineering has an extensive list of case studies available for review on their website by clicking here. In addition, they offer a great collection of “How-To” service videos to assist with start-up and trouble shooting many common issues. Click here to access the full library of service and start-up videos. 


To learn more about Cambridge Engineering please contact your SVL rep or click here to visit their website for more information. 


SVL, Inc.

Roseville, MN | Fargo, ND

(651) 481-8000 | 

Introducing CORE Energy Recovery Solutions

Improving Life at its CORE

CORE Energy Recovery Solutions

CORE Energy Recovery Solutions ,formerly known as dpoint, has been up to lots of exciting changes in the past few months. dPoint Technologies collaborated with their European partners (PAUL) to form the new brand, change effective Jan. 8, 2018 – combining their two teams creates a stronger, globally diversified company with a broader range of products and services. In addition, SVL looks forward to continuing the partnership with CORE – and to a bright future together!


To learn more, click the links for the video or website below. If you have any questions please reach out to your SVL rep. 




SVL supports the BEAR’ly Open with a donation of 535 lbs. of food for a great cause!

SVL Food Drive Inspired A Friendly Competition In the Office!

SVL was a proud sponsor of the White Bear Lake BEAR’ly Open – Golf on Ice winter fun event. The 11th annual BEAR’ly Open event takes place on White Bear Lake in support of the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf. In addition to SVL’s sponsorship and participation, SVL partnered with AQC and held an internal office food drive. There were donation boxes in front of the principal and general managers offices for donations.

As an added incentive, the principal or general manager with most donation items in their box had to dress up in Green Bay Packer gear for an entire work day! Needless to say there was a lot of friendly competition as employees rolled in donations for their favorite Vikings fans. Our lucky winner was Al Gramse with a donation count of 154 items! The final tally was 340 items or 535 lbs. of food donated to help those in need. Thank you to BEAR’ly Open and the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf, we had a blast working with your organizations!


Below are a few commemorative photos…


SVL employees participating in BEAR’ly Open

Al Gramse wearing his new favorite hat

Daikin’s VRV-W Boosts Efficiency at Chippewa Valley Electric Corporation

Efficiency Gains at the Same Install Costs as WSHP Systems

SVL served as the Manufacturer’s Representative for Daikin’s recent VRV-W water source heat recovery system installation. SVL’s Project Manager, Matt Davids, was instrumental in helping to provide the proper information needed for this project. 


Chippewa Valley Electric Corporation (CVEC) was in need of an HVAC system to showcase at their new office. This new system would need to be highly efficient, while also being low maintenance, quiet, comfortable, and centrally controlled. 


A variety of systems were reviewed for the project, from traditional water source heat pumps (WSHP) to four-pipe fan coils. After 

thorough analysis, a Daikin water cooled VRV-W heat recovery system with i-Touch Manager with BACnet® interface was the winning product. Compared to the previous office space with baseboard electric heating, the highly efficient Daikin VRV-W heat recovery system was a welcomed upgrade. “They cost about the same to install as WSHP systems and also offer additional efficiency and maintenance benefits. Owners like the idea of being able to consolidate the compressors in one location as well”, Todd Armstrong, Apex Engineering. 


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this efficient system is how seamless it is to integrate the equipment controls. “It would have probably taken a third-party controls sub-contractor hundreds of hours to program and integrate the system. It only took SVL, along with Daikin technicians, two days to start-up the entire system.” Equally as impressed with the system has been CVEC themselves, “The power bill for the entire year, using the VRV system, was equal to one month’s heating bill with the old system,” said Russ Falkenberg, Director of IT and Member Services, CVEC. 


   Daikin Equipment 


    • 18-Ton VRV W-III Water Source Heat Recovery

    • 4 Branch Selector Boxes
    • 13 FXMQ DC-Ducted Concealed Ceiling Unit
    • 1 FXUQ 4-Way Blow Ceiling-Suspended Cassette
    • 1 Intelligent Touch Manager (iTM)
    • 1 BACnet® Client
    • 1 BACnet® Server with add-on control modules
    • 14 BRC1E73 Navigation Remote Controller




Click here to read the full case study, provided by Daikin

To find out more about SVL or the manufactures represented please visit or call 651.451.8000

SVL University Commences In 2018!

2018 SVL University Is In Session!

SVL hosted its first sessions for SVL University last week in front of full training rooms! Despite the cold and snow, both branches had great turnouts for the first course of SVL University; a classroom-based experience teaching the fundamentals of HVAC. This was the first event for, both branches, in the brand new SVL facilities. It was great to see so many familiar faces in the audience as well as many newcomers. 


Course 1, Systems – Past, Present, and Emerging was presented by Kevin Herrema (MN) and Ben Eisenschenk (ND).  This inaugural course was designed to present a history of our industry and establish the intentions of HVAC in our world. Attendees became familiarized with the various systems available today, as well as recent advancements and emerging technology. 


Thank you to all attendees, we look forward to seeing you again in February for Course 2 – Psychrometrics!

SVL University

SVL University – Roseville, MN 

SVL University

Roseville guests socializing in the new cafe

SVL University

Ben Eisenschenk presenting in Fargo, ND

SVL University

SVL U – Fargo, ND

SVL Celebrates the Holiday Season

SVL Christmas

December has been a busy month for everyone at SVL. Christmas is just around the corner and the past couple weeks have been filled with lots of activities. Our Minnesota office has settled into their new location in Roseville and our Fargo branch is eagerly awaiting their move in the next couple weeks. 


We had our SVL/AQC Christmas party at the Science Museum of Minnesota, where we enjoyed the exhibits, dinner and an Omnitheater presentation of Rocky Mountain Express. We were thrilled that Lee, Jeff, Nate, Mark and Paul were all able to make it from Fargo, who hosted their own party later that week.


This week we enjoyed a delicious potluck featuring everything from fried shrimp to sauerkraut soup; and what Christmas party isn’t complete without an ugly sweater contest?! The team got all decked out in their “ugliest” gear from head to toe. Needless to say we have lots of festive spirit around the office, look the pictures below and see for yourself!


Ugly Sweater Contest Winners:

1st place- Kathy

2nd place –Derek

3rd place- Sheren

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ugly Christmas Sweaters




As we wrap up this year and prepare for SVL University in January, SVL wishes you happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.


Merry Christmas!



It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… A New Building!

SVL Fargo Team’s Peek At Their New Building!

Last week SVL Fargo broke-in the new building with their first lunch party! The Fargo staff, as well as a few from our Roseville office, were able to have their first looks at their new office, slated to open January 2nd, 2018. 


After a lunch catered by the Flying Pig,  they were able to explore the new digs and get their first glimpses of their new office locations and conference rooms as well as the expanded training room, all while dodging finishing mud by the tapers.  The building is really coming together as walls are going up and the office is starting to take shape. 

Even though it is still very much in the construction process, the Fargo team was able to get a good feeling of what

it will look like and what everyone has to look forward to at the end of the month when they make the “big move”

settling into their new Fargo home.


  New Building  New Building         

Make sure to check back in as we will keep you updated on Fargo progress!