Six Ways Dynamic’s V8 System Eliminates COMcheck Challenges

Your time is valuable, and the Dynamic V8 system could be the solution to the COMcheck challenges you experience! The Dynamic V8 yields MERV 15 performance without Ozone generation, as well as VOC minimization and exceptional capture of hazardous ultra-fine particles.

Here are six ways the V8 system will help to eliminate COMcheck challenges and make your operation run smoother:

Pressure Drop as a Function of Dust Load Dynamic Air Quality Solutions V8 Filter System

Pressure Drop as a Function of Dust Load

1. Dynamic V8 Provides Maximum Loading with Minimal Pressure Drop

The V8 system provides a significant initial and lifetime low-pressure drop (on average, 1″ of less static pressure drop). The capacity of each V8 filter is up to 100x the dust of shallow-bed passive filters. Active-field technology tightly holds collected air contaminants throughout the full 1′ depth of media pads and 360° around each fiber.

2. Air Quality or Operating Costs: Choose Both!

The Dynamic V8 System eliminates the need to choose between air quality and operating cost while meeting the strenuous standards of hospitals, green buildings, data centers, pharmaceutical, and clean manufacturing facilities. In real-world applications, the V8 provides an average energy cost savings of 80-85%.

3. Tight Spaces? V8 Slide is Your Fix!
Dynamic V8 System Slide V8-SL Tight Spaces

Dynamic V8 System Slide Option for Tight Spaces

The Dynamic V8-SL (Side-Loaded) Air Cleaning System offers all of the same features and benefits of the Dynamic V8. It is designed to slide into rooftop units where access for filter maintenance is limited. This slide-out feature allows the footprint of your air handling system to be significantly smaller and may allow for a tight fit in a utility room to work in regards to future maintenance.

4. Change Filters Less

Typically, it takes a minimum of 32 changes of MERV 13 filters before the first change is needed for the Dynamic V8, and without pre-filters. This moves filter change intervals from months to years. Energy, maintenance, and disposal are responsible for over 90% of the cost of filtration in standard situations, but the Dynamic V8 slices all three to 1/3 that of the competition.

Dynamic V8 Filtration Sizes of Particles

Dynamic V8 Filtration Sizes of Particles Filtered

5. Filter Capabilities Matter

The world is conscious now more than ever, to the need for clean air, and the size of pathogens and particulates. The Dynamic V8 excels at trapping pathogens and particulates as small as 0.3 microns. On average, MERV 14 passive filter fails to trap four times more 0.3-micron particles than the V8. Levels of superfine particles and black carbon are reduced over 90% compared to exterior levels tested in real-life scenarios.


6. Environmentally Responsible
carbon footprint dynamic v8 passive filtration

The Ecological Impact of the V8 compared to Passive Alternatives

With a smaller carbon footprint and fewer materials needed to keep your air clean over a more extended period, the V8 is an ecologically responsible choice. Reduced time for maintenance, materials, energy, and transportation, could be a savings for your building that is worth a switch! Typically payback time is less than three years for this system. The V8 is a prime choice for LEED projects and has been installed in many LEED Platinum certified projects around the world, including the renovation of the ASHRAE Headquarters. If you are seeking to design with green principles or seeking LEED certification, the Dynamic V8 provides the most significant value with the smallest environmental footprint available.

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