SVL partners with 75F to bring you an innovative solution for energy savings and improved occupant experience.

ASHRAE Education Seminar SVL partnered with 75F at the ASHRAE Education Seminar in Roseville, MN. With a focus on sustainability and building automation, 75F’s product solutions increase operational efficiency and improve building environments of all sizes. 75F is the answer for those looking to cut costs and deliver sophisticated HVAC, IAQ, lighting control.

SVL and 75F’s teams shared a booth and co-sponsored the happy hour during the ASHRAE Education Seminar.  Many attendees were excited to stop by to learn more about the key ways 75F is helping engineers and building owners.



Here are 6 reasons why 75F is perfect for engineers and building your next project:

1. Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

75F’s products are predictive and proactive. This advanced technology provides a low-cost solution for solving comfort and energy issues before they come up. Their smart technology works to proactively keep your indoor environment optimized. This prevents thermal discomfort by eliminating temperature imbalances, regardless of which heating or cooling system you have. The result saves both money and energy – even up to 50% in total energy costs.

Furthermore, 75F’s smart solutions:

  • Contribute up to 38 Leed v4.0 points
  • Help to deliver WELL Building 2.0 Standards for air quality standards, increased ventilation, monitoring & feedback
  • Feature Arc Platform Integration for Building Performance Scoring & Indexing

2. Easy to Install

This BAS (Building Automation System) implements ASHRAE RP-1455/ GPC 36 “Advanced Control Sequences for HVAC Systems” and is made to deliver. Due to their wireless mesh network, the 75F systems are well known for their easy installation. A team of local contractors was able to complete commissioning for 63 offices in 5 hours!

3. Improved Occupant Experience

With the 75F Occupant App™, employees are able to confidently control their own personal zones, including temperature and lighting. With the availability for tenants to provide feedback, facility managers are able to better keep track of their systems and proactively control their working environments.  In addition, managers are able to gain insights on the environmental conditions and monitor patterns helping to further improve the occupant experience.

Occupancy Map 75F

4. Cost Saving Portfolio Benchmarking & Analytics

75F’s superior solutions provide data insights and analytics to further optimize all systems. Not only does this help empower building owners and managers to take hold of their operational and energy efficiency, but it is saving costs and improving the occupant experience. The vast majority of smart building controls are too expensive to acquire and install. For this reason, only 15% of U.S. buildings are considered “smart”. 75F’s products provide buildings with the ability to get “smart”. By creating a sophisticated BAS at an affordable price, 75F makes energy, labor, and cost savings a reality. Additionally, their products provide:

  • Predictive HVAC & Lighting Controls
  • 30%-50% Energy Savings
  • Portfolio Energy Benchmarking & Analytics
  • Zoned Demand Control Ventilation
  • OpenADR 2.0 Compliance
  • Task Tuning and Daylighting

5. Reliable Products and Company

Voted as one of the “Top 100 Most Disruptive Companies in the World”, 75F has quickly made a name for themselves. Their team has proven success in providing answers to the problems of occupant experience and energy efficiency in commercial buildings. With their passion for exploring new and innovative technologies, they are constantly growing and improving while protecting what’s most important. 75F uses modern technology to ensure they are providing all customers with reliable and up-to-speed smart building controls. Their systems back up application and configuration data every hour and retain backups for up to 30 days. 75F also backs-up your data daily in the CCU and a separate service provider for maximum security.

6. Award-Winning Technology

Speaks for itself.



To learn more about 75F and how you can deliver building solutions that will impress your clients and employees, please contact your SVL Sales Engineer.

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