This Popular Heat Pump Series is Ideal For

“Drop-in” Replacements

Replacing an outdated water-source heat pump can be a challenge. You need to install the replacement unit in a specific footprint, and you don’t want to install an inferior model just because it happens to be the right size.

SVL is ready and able to assist our industry as electrification progresses in our territory, and we’re making it our mission to represent technologies that make upgrades as easy as possible.

For this instance, we recommend the AAON Pro Fit Series. AAON has specifically engineered these heat pumps to fit into the exact footprint of the common water-source heat pump models that are currently nearing the end of their usefulness.

The Pro Fit Series allows owners and service contractors to provide a feature-rich replacement unit for most competitive models. These heat pumps are housed in a galvanized steel cabinet with a sloped stainless steel drain pan.

They feature rotary compressors from 0.5 to 1.5 tons and scroll compressors for models with a capacity greater than 2 tons. They exchange heat over a fin and tube DX coil, and the cabinet offers easy access to the PSC motor (high-efficiency EC motors are also available).AAON WH Pro Fit Series Horizontal Water-Source Heat Pumps

SVL is committed to keeping the most popular AAON Pro Fit heat pump models in stock. Call 651-481-0008 or email for expert consultation on all your replacement heat pump applications.