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PalDuct™ Preinsulated Duct

AQC Industries is a PalDuct™ delivery partner. Invented in 1965, PalDuct™ is a highly efficient ductwork system that distributes cleaner air. The system is constructed with a phenolic insulation core, faced on both sides with an aluminum coated, corrosion-resistant polymer. The PalDuct™ Preinsulated Duct Phenolic System is available in indoor and outdoor versions.

The PalDuct™ Preinsulated Duct – Save Energy, Space and Labor

The PalDuct™ meets building codes in North America and many countries in the world and is UL181 listed.

PalDuct™ Benefits

  • Superior indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Saves 6 to 8 inches (152.4 to 203.2 mm) of space normally needed to field-insulate
  • Weighs 80% less than typical sheet metal ductwork
  • Minimal air leakage
  • Energy efficient
  • Can contribute to LEED® points
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Cleanable interior and exterior
  • Engineering and CAD support services