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SVL Added Oxygen8 To Its Lineup of Exceptional HVAC Solutions

SVL Is Pleased to Announce Representation of Oxygen8’s Energy Recovery Units SVL is proud to announce that they are representing a cutting-edge line of Energy Recovery Units from Oxygen8. Oxygen8 is a Toronto based HVAC manufacturer, founded to meet the complex needs of modern building design by developing intelligent HVAC solutions. Oxygen8’s objective is to […]

DADANCO Induction Units: Designed to Help You Boost Efficiency

Improved Efficiency with DADANCO’s Induction Units DADANCO, founded on innovation, is a leader in modernizing the HVAC industry. DADANCO’s flagship product features a unique nozzle design that enables perimeter induction systems to run more quietly and efficiently than anything else on the market. Since creating its first product, DADANCO has shifted focus to create a […]



Jeremias’ UL Listed DWGD’s Proven Safety and Efficiency is Outstanding   Jeremias, with forty years in the HVAC industry, is one of the leading manufacturers of chimney systems and flues for ventilation and exhaust gases. Jeremias has products that fit your commercial, industrial, and residential needs. Offering over 90 advanced UL listed products and specializing […]

6 Proven Ways the Dynamic V8 Cuts COMcheck Challenges

Six Ways Dynamic’s V8 System Eliminates COMcheck Challenges Your time is valuable, and the Dynamic V8 system could be the solution to the COMcheck challenges you experience! The Dynamic V8 yields MERV 15 performance without Ozone generation, as well as VOC minimization and exceptional capture of hazardous ultra-fine particles. Here are six ways the V8 […]


SVL Attends the MN PHCC Tradeshow 2020

SVL Attends the MN PHCC Tradeshow 2020 SVL attended and hosted a booth at the Minnesota Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) Tradeshow, Vision 2020. The national PHCC holds 3-day conferences across the US aimed to bring skilled plumbing and HVAC professionals together.  Featured speakers were able to reach a large number of members, providing training and […]