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HV600 Yaskawa

Yaskawa HV600: One of the Best VFDs on the Market is at SVL

SVL Partners with Yaskawa to Provide One of the Best VFDs on the Market Material shortages and supply chain issues are making variable frequency drives (VFDs) for HVAC systems more difficult to source than ever before. SVL is proud to announce…
DCL Geothermal energy service illustration groundwater-coupled heating and cooling

Groundwater-Coupled Heating and Cooling Coffee Break with Jay Egg

What is groundwater-coupled HVAC, and how can it contribute to a net-zero future? During our latest Coffee Break webinar, we spoke with Jay Egg, author and consultant at Egg Geo LLC. These 35-minute presentations are packed with information…
Kaela Mellgren
Smart Runaround Glycol Energy Recovery System HPT

Smart Runaround Glycol Energy Recovery System Coffee Break with Heat Pipe Technology

What are the advantages of HPT’s Smart Runaround Glycol Energy Recovery System? We had the pleasure of hearing from Marcus D’Arcy of Heat Pipe Technology at our recent Coffee Break webinar. Ask your SVL sales engineer if you’d like to…
Hydromx nanofluid

Hydromx Nanofluid Coffee Break with Hydromx

How can nanofluids help save energy and reduce carbon emissions? That’s the question we asked SVL president Jim Lubratt and Hydromx chairman Berkin Arikan in our most recent Coffee Break webinar. This webinar series is where SVL invites…
Variable primary flow chilled water systems VPF Coffee break with Daikin

Variable Primary Flow Coffee Break with Daikin

What is a Variable Primary Flow (VPF) system, and how is it different from other chilled water pumping arrangements? That’s the question we asked Bill Dietrich from Daikin Applied in our most recent Coffee Break. SVL’s signature webinar…
John Garland
Dynamic High Efficiency Electronic Air Filtration Polarized Filtration

Polarized Filtration Coffee Break with Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

What is Polarized Filtration and How Does it Compare to Traditional Air Cleaning Solutions? We posed that question to Rich Gillick from Dynamic Air Quality Solutions at our recent Coffee Break. This webinar series features the brightest minds…
Tyler Copeland