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Cook Coffee Break Recap airflow and static pressure

Airflow and Static Pressure with Loren Cook Company Coffee Break Recap

What is the Relationship Between Airflow and Static Pressure in a Ducted Air System? We dropped in on Chris Curry at Loren Cook for this coffee break, who offered an excellent demonstration that definitively answered this question. If you…
Aermec NYK Unit

Introducing the Aermec NYK Air-Cooled Reversible Modular Heat Pump

With the current push for electrification in the HVAC industry, Aermec has released NYK, a revolutionary low-temperature heat pump MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO — Industry professionals across North America have long been requesting a flexible heat…
mayo clinic indigo-clean sld AirFRAM

Indigo-Clean Coffee Break with SLD Industries

How Can Airflow Deliver Better Patient Care in Hospitals? We posed that question to Andrew Hall, vice president of sales and marketing at SLD Industries, at our March 2nd Coffee Break webinar. Hall explained the science behind airflow and…

Daikin Rebel Applied: The Perfect AHU Retrofit

The Daikin Rebel Applied Packaged Rooftop Offers Superior Performance and Replaces Trane’s Intellipak Without Needing an Adapter Curb    Are you a commercial building owner, facility manager or specifying engineer with demanding…