Climate by Design International MDH Dehumidification Series

Dehumidification – Dedicated Outdoor Desiccant Air-Supply Unit

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Climate by Design - Dehumidification Unit

MDH Dedicated Outdoor Desiccant Air Supply

The largest moisture load in many commercial and industrial buildings is directly related to outdoor air. Fresh air must be brought into buildings to maintain proper indoor air quality. Building codes require large quantities of outside air to promote healthy indoor air quality.

This air can bring with it large quantities of water vapor, which can be difficult to control using conventional cooling-based equipment. The function of a dedicated outdoor air unit is to reduce the humidity before it enters the space.

The MDH series combines enthalpy heat recovery to pre-cool and remove moisture before the second stage active desiccant dryer. Post Heating, Cooling and Filtration are added to meet specific project requirements.

Advantages of Active Desiccant in Surgical Suite Conditioning

Active desiccant dehumidification can provide energy and operational savings and at the same time cooler, drier conditions in Surgical Suites over typical cool-reheat dehumidification methods. This is possible because of the small space loads in comparison to the high air change rates needed, generally 20 ACH.

Active desiccant dehumidification units do not require low temperature glycol or refrigerant systems to remove humidity from the air. Standard 45⁰F chilled water can be used to achieve space dew point conditions of 40⁰F and lower if desired.

Active desiccant dehumidification DOAS systems can make existing air handling systems achieve new, lower temperature and humidity requirements to reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections. As low as 50⁰F/50%RH, more typically 62⁰F/50%RH.