RBI Introduces New Encore Firetube Boiler: A Coffee Break Recap

We asked Ken Eggleston of Mestek Boiler Group to shed some light on condensing boilers during our latest Coffee Break webinar. These bimonthly sessions offer the latest information on new HVAC technologies — be sure to ask your SVL sales engineer for an invite to our upcoming webinars.

Eggleston introduced the brand-new RBI Encore Firetube boiler, which debuts in February 2023. Read on to learn how the Encore is the perfect boiler for residential and light commercial applications.

RBI Introduces the Encore Firetube boiler

The Encore represents the completion of RBI’s firetube boiler sizes. The company offers its Flexcore boiler at a range of 850–6 million MBh. Now, the Encore provides a new lower end to that range (349–850 MBh), perfect for residential and light commercial applications.

More details on the RBI Encore:

  • Available in 349, 400, 500, 600, 725, and 850 MBh models
  • AHRI 98% thermal efficiency
  • Full modulation, up to 10:1 turndown (though the 349 MBh model offers 7:1 turndown, as it is more of a down-fired product)
  • Equipped with a 316L stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Dual fuel options: natural gas, propane, or both if needed.
  • HeatNet controller, 7-inch touchscreen. Made in-house by RBI and easy to service
  • Works with CPVC, PVC, and polypropylene venting, as well as stainless steel venting. The standard adaptor is CPVC- and PVC-ready, while a stainless steel adapter is available.
  • Works with variable primary (VPF) and primary/secondary piping arrangements.
  • Maximum 60 °F delta T

“The Encore is the missing piece in the RBI puzzle,” says Eggleston. “Buildings are getting tighter, and Btu is going down. We now have a full range to fit any building, which is exciting for RBI.”

Encore can also act as a complementary technology in the decarbonization and electrification of buildings. In the upper Midwest, we have heating-dominant HVAC needs, and it is good practice to balance out a geothermal well field with a bit more heating capacity to balance the loads from winter to summer.

“Water-source heat pumps are a perfect match for an RBI Encore condensing boiler because we’re running low temps,” says Ken. “So, you’ll get the maximum efficiency out of that product.”

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