Daikin Applied D-BACS


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The intelligent Touch Manager is now capable of serving as a BACnet interface for Building Management System (BMS) integration. The iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option (DCM014A51) will provide BMS integrators with the ability to monitor and control the VRV indoor units via the BACnet/IP protocol. The iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option, eliminates the need for an additional hardware interface for the BMS to monitor and control VRV system. The iTM BACnet Server Gateway Option will provide seamless control logic integration between the iTM and BMS.


  • Direct connection on iTM using the BACnet/IP Protocol
  • BACnet virtual router function implemented:
    • Individual BACnet device ID assigned to each indoor unit group address
    • Indoor unit group names created in the iTM are visible on the BMS
  • Easy commissioning using CSV file
    • Available objects can be configured for each indoor unit
  • Support Change of Value (COV) notifications to BMS