Daikin Applied Intelligent Equipment®

Scroll/Screw Chillers

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Daikin Intelligent Solutions Devices

With 40% of your building’s energy expenses tied to HVAC operations, building owners and managers need better visibility to their HVAC unit performance.

Daikin’s Intelligent Equipment® connects directly to your HVAC unit to monitor energy consumption at the equipment level for deeper, more accurate performance measurement.

For less than it costs to run your smart phone, Intelligent Equipment® provides direct access to 150 data points on a Daikin rooftop unit or chiller, all in real time. No other solution gives you the freedom and control to monitor and manage your equipment as deeply, freely, accurately, and efficiently.

Daikin Applied Magnitude® Magnetic Bearing Chiller (100-1500 Tons)

Scroll/Screw Chillers

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Daikin Magnitude Chiller

Magnetic bearing technology eliminates oil, mechanical seals, wear surfaces, and gears for longer machine life and increased reliability. Facility managers can bank on their chillers running at peak efficiency year after year with a design that wipes out the risk of contamination from efficiency-robbing oil buildup on to heat-transfer surfaces.

Single or dual compressors; Up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers; Small footprint; Oil-free design resulting in reduced maintenance costs; Integrated VFD optimizes part load efficiency, a key performance feature since most chillers operate at part load 99% of their life; RapidRestore and RideThrough available for mission critical applications.

Daikin Applied Navigator™ Water-cooler Screw Chiller

Scroll/Screw Chillers

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Operate with Greater Confidence:
A building rarely runs at full load; why not get the chiller that delivers exactly the load you need at any given moment? Daikin’s Navigator maps its performance to your building’s demand. With Daikin’s proprietary Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology, Navigator is poised to meet a building’s HVAC demands as climate and usage needs ebb and flow.

Chart a Confident Course:
Fix your sights on higher levels of efficiency. Built on Daikin Applied innovation—variable speed and Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) compressor technology—the Navigator™ gives you the power of efficiencies that meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1 – 2016 levels. With IPLV’s as low as 0.36 kw/ton, Navigator’s single VFD-driven compressor brings new levels of performance to applications that aren’t suited to traditional centrifugal or magnetic bearing solutions.

Compressor Senses Off-Design Conditions, Adjusting to Lower Energy Use:
Navigator’s performance is optimized for every condition and at every hour of the day with Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology. VVR compression technology senses the precise amount of lift needed and adjusts the compression ratio on the fly to deliver optimal efficiency, regardless of ambient temperature or time of day. With VVR technology, you don’t pay for over-compression, and get exactly the lift needed.

Advanced Technology Sets New Standard for Performance:

With Navigator RapidRestore®, restore cooling and peace of mind in as fast as 35 seconds. A power loss could turn into a critical loss of cooling in mission critical facilities such as data centers, health care buildings, or manufacturing processes. In addition, the fast-loading option can restore full load cooling capacity in under 160 seconds. So you can restore critical cooling before it’s missed.

Daikin Applied Pathfinder® Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Scroll/Screw Chillers

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Daikin Applied Pathfinder Air Cooled Screw Chiller

100% Configurable:
As the first fully configurable unit in the industry, Pathfinder’s flexible design and component options allow you to balance price and performance to best meet requirements.

Economical and Energy Efficient:
Daikin’s proven technologies in a newly engineered and flexible design make Pathfinder® the clear choice. So whether you run a school, hospital, or other mission-critical space, you can choose what matters to you – no compromising.

Technology That Responds To Your Needs:
Pathfinder’s performance is optimized for every condition and at every hour of the day with Daikin’s unique variable VR (volume ratio) compressor technology. By adjusting the compression ratio to meet the load demands of the building or process, you gain maximized efficiency no matter what the conditions.

Resolve Your Biggest Power Loss Concerns:
A power loss could turn into a critical loss of cooling in mission critical facilities. RapidRestore® option allows your Pathfinder® to start as fast as 35 seconds after power is restored and the Fast Loading option can restore full-load cooling capacity in under 4 minutes. With Pathfinder’s advanced technology you can find peace of mind even on your toughest days.

Most efficient full load and part load operation quietest sound levels published largest capacity air cooled screw chiller – 550 tons remote evaporator option for application flexibility RapidRestore® option with Fast Loading allows a Pathfinder® Chiller to restart a compressor after a temporary power loss and restore full cooling faster than any other air cooled chiller.

Daikin Applied Trailblazer®

Scroll/Screw Chillers

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Air Cooled Scroll Chiller-AGZ
Daikin Trailblazer® air cooled scroll chillers are feature rich, with industry leading performance and a low installed cost. Combine this with high operating efficiency and ease of maintenance and these reliable 30 to 240-ton chillers provide big benefits for small to mid-sized buildings as well as mission critical applications like data centers and hospitals. With features typically found on more expensive chillers, why settle for anything but a Daikin air cooled chiller?

  • Reliable – Trailblazer® is built on the solid foundation of reliability and robust design of Daikin’s AGZ chiller product.
  • Efficient – Exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2013 & FEMP 2012 standards.
  • Quiet – Sound pressure ratings as low as 60 dBA, without any optional acoustic treatment.
  • Low cost of ownership – Trailblazer’s low installed cost, combined with high operating efficiency and ease of maintenance provide the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Ideal for retrofit – Compact unit footprint can save installation space & costs.
  • Mission critical applications – Trailblazer was designed to handle the demanding requirements of data centers and hospitals.

The RapidRestore® feature along with the high evaporator leaving water temperature capability (65˚F) makes Trailblazer® the ideal choice.Responsible refrigerants – The Trailblazer chillers use R-410A, which has no ozone depletion potential and no phaseout schedule .Easy to integrate – Our Open Choices™ feature allows the unit controls to easily integrate with your choice of building automation system using LonTalk®, BACnet® or Modbus® open protocols.LEED® points – All dual circuit models qualify for LEED EAC – 4 for Enhanced Refrigerant Management worth 2 points.

Daikin Applied WGZ Scroll Chiller (30-200 Tons)

Scroll/Screw Chillers

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Daikin Applied WGZ Scroll Chiller (30-200 Tons)
  • Designed for easy retrofit to save installation costs with sizes up to 130 tons fit through a standard three-foot wide door
  • Scroll compressor technology is quiet enough for sound sensitive environments
  • Sound pressure as low as 72 dBA
  • High-efficiency
  • Available for water cooled, remote air cooled or evaporative condenser applications
  • Controls flexibility – for easy integration with the BAS of your choice or MicroTech II® controls with our Open Choices® feature
  • R-410A refrigerant has no phaseout schedule and no ozone depletion potential