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DCL Geothermal energy service illustration groundwater-coupled heating and cooling

Geothermal Energy can provide up to 100% of a household heating and hot water daily needs, as well as to building type with a wide array of energy needs, whatever the external conditions are (even with freezing temperatures).

Geothermal Energy relies on the earth’s ability to store huge amounts of heat under its surface. An inexhaustible energy source, available all year round for 24 hour each day. It is not influenced by weather conditions.

It can provide also cooling in summer, all of this with the same single HVAC system, able to work with radiant floor, fan-coils, or almost any heating or air conditioning system.
Earth’s crust has steady areas with low heat flux and unstable areas with an elevated heat flux. Both areas define the two geothermal energy types.

The main applications of geothermal energy are as follows:

  • Heating in houses, buildings and industrial buildings
  • HVAC refrigeration centres, cooling/freezing storage, etc
  • Production of Sanitary Hot Water (ACS)
  • Air conditioning of swimming pools
  • Aquaculture
  • Cattle raising