Desert Aire Dehumidifier Indoor Pool Systems Save You Money

Humidity control is crucial to the integrity of indoor pools, natatoriums, public works, warehouses, and other applications that require the removal of excess moisture. Dehumidification units manage humidity levels, which can cause mold and mildew growth outside of recommended levels. Desert Aire dehumidifier units are known for their longevity, dependability, and high efficiency. When compared to conventional ventilation units, they remove 3-4 times the moisture. The ExpertAire™ and the SelectAire™ units also use less energy than standard dehumidifiers. Protect your next project from premature deterioration with a Desert Aire dehumidification unit.

AHRI Standard 910

Proper humidity levels are essential for occupant health, indoor air quality, building integrity, and storage of goods. AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) Standard 910 sets the precedence for minimum data requirements for published ratings, testing and rating requirements, operating parameters, definitions, classifications, and conformance conditions. It measures the effectiveness and capacity of dehumidification units. Standard 910 defines Moisture Removal Capacity (MRC) as the amount of condensate a unit produces and is expressed in lb/h (kg/h). Additionally, it defines Moisture Removal Efficiency (MRE) as the ratio of the MRC divided by the equipment’s power input at any given set of rating conditions. It is important to note that this is calculated in pounds of moisture/ kWh (kgs of moisture/kWh).

AHRI Standard 910 helps facility owners to maintain building integrity by reducing condensation on windows, walls, and floors. Uncontrolled levels of humidity can speed facility deterioration and put occupants at risk. Furthermore, humidity levels that are above 60% are proven to amplify the spread of airborne contaminants and contagions. Finally, in an effort to mitigate these challenges, Desert Aire created the ExpertAire dehumidification unit.

Desert-Aire ExpertAire

ExpertAire Dehumidifier Unit

Desert Aire Dehumidifier Unit: ExpertAire

Desert Aire’s ExpertAire features the newest coil design technology to enhance evaporator and condenser capacity while reducing the pressure drop. This combination results in the highest MRE on the market. Through independent testing, ExpertAire received AHRI Standard 910 certification. It can remove anywhere from 4 to 100 lbs of moisture per hour. The design is optimized for applications with temperatures between 65° and 95°F. Additionally, the unique coil design maximizes the unit’s latent capability and yields 3 to 4 times the moisture removal capacity beyond that of a typical air conditioning system.

The ExpertAire system features a hot gas reheat coil, which allows continuous dehumidification without over-cooling the space. As an option, a capacity control design is available to protect the coil from freezing during low load/low-temperature operation. Moreover, scroll compressors are included in the unit for longevity and high efficiency.

A unique feature of the ExpertAire system is the ability to include an outdoor air intake connection. This boosts the capabilities to meet ASHRAE 62 standards. Outdoor air enters after the evaporator coil and before the reheat condenser for guaranteed moisture removal capabilities. Moreover, the systems have an evaporator bypass damper. The damper automatically adjusts the evaporator air volume to keep proper air distribution over the coil in all operation modes. Finally, ExpertAire has a control available that enables operation that is completely closed to outdoor air when the building is in an unoccupied mode. No outdoor air enters the system in this mode, so further outdoor air conditioning is no longer necessary. Moreover, this results in significant energy savings.

ExpertAire Features:

  • Capacity for pool surface less than 2,000 sqft.
  • Customizable to meet specific application requirements
  • Provides dehumidification, cooling, heating, and ventilation for pool facilities
  • Pool water heat recovery available
  • Indoor, outdoor, or roof curb installation
  • Electric or hot water coil auxiliary heat options
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors
  • All voltages and phases available, including single phase
  • Building management connection available
Dester-Aire Dehumidifier Unit SelectAire

SelectAire Dehumidifier Unit

Desert Aire Dehumidifier Unit: SelectAire

Desert Aire’s SelectAire dehumidifier provides complete humidity control solutions for warehouses, water parks, large indoor pool applications, and other large moisture removal applications. The multitude of options allows you to control humidity and temperature while saving energy for significant operational savings. Contractors can install SelectAire both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, SelectAire supplies facilities with complete air quality and humidity control, automatic air balancing, and exhaust air energy recovery. The modular engineering and customizable design options are flexible for a targeted solution.

Lowest Operational Expenses

SelectAire provides significant operational expense savings. The heat pump design maximizes both the latent and sensible recovery. This method saves a substantial amount of energy when compared to the typical economizer method of heat recovery. Comparatively, Desert Aire’s SelectAire system has the lowest operational expenses of any indoor pool dehumidification system on the market.

Dual Circuit Design

Desert Aire’s SelectAir system is a dual refrigerant circuit, packaged dehumidification system that is specifically designed and manufactured for commercial natatoriums. Some ideal applications for this system are YMCA/YWCA, high school and university indoor pools, and municipal natatoriums. Additionally, SelectAire is favorable in other applications requiring large amounts of moisture removal. The exclusive heat recovery system and patent airflow balancing set this system apart. The dual-circuit design minimizes energy consumption while optimizing energy recovery with several condensing elements for each appropriate heat sink.

SelectAire Features:

  • Capacity for pool surface more than 2,000 sqft.
  • Available as a modular unit to meet logistical challenges of mechanical room with limited access
  • Indoor, outdoor, and roof curb installation
  • Offers dehumidification, heating, cooling, exhaust, and ventilation for natatorium facilities
  • Unique ventilation energy recovery design compliant to ASHRAE 62.1 requirements
  • Evacuator low exhaust sequence of operation available
  • Electric, hot water coil, and gas auxiliary heat options
  • Meets AHRI 910
  • All 3-phase voltages available
  • Building management connection available
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors

About Desert Aire

Desert Aire is an industry leader in indoor air quality solutions, including humidifiers and pool units. Their mission is to create IAQ solutions that help people where they play, live, and work. Equally important, the Desert Aire team applies engineering, advanced technology, expertise, and focused support to meet design goals with accuracy, durability, and efficiency.


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