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Entrematice Industrial Fans

Have a large space that requires serious circulation to stay comfortable? Rely on the powerful EPIC industrial HVLS Colossus fan.

Spanning up to 24 feet in diameter, the Colossus fan keeps the air in your facility in constant motion, so you can stay cool and in control.

And when you need to heat things up, the fan features reverse circulation functionality, ensuring everything stays “just right” all year long.


  • LESS THAN 55 dBA – Results of sound measurement in the field may vary due to variation in surface types, environment and conditions
  • CONTROL OPTIONS – Wired Touch Screen standard and other network control options available
  • AMCA CFM TESTED – Reference product spec sheet for CFM number
  • COLOR OPTIONS – Black anodized blades standard with clear anodized blades as an option. Can be daisy chained with facility fire systems to shut down during an emergency
  • Optimized 5-blade profile for low speed rotary airfoil application and near ground effect
  • Large “Air Current Depth” – horizontal floor jet of 3-9 ft (1-3 m)
  • NACA airfoil profile reduces drag while producing more airflow
  • Standard black corrosion-resistant anodized blades
  • Fan Safety System incorporates steel hub, aircraft-grade safety cable and guy wires
  • Patent pending aluminum hub and blade support system
  • High efficiency Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Adjustable speed control panel with forward/off/reverse switch, self-diagnostics and 4 digit pass code protection
  • Aerodynamic blade winglets with patent-pending design
  • Supplied with 25 feet of Power Cable pre-wired to fan motor (connection to power source by others)
  • Fused disconnect
  • Patented facility fire system compatibility (can be daisy chained)
  • ULC 507 Approved (Entire Fan)