Vertical Air Conditioner

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GE VTAC units offer the best of both design and performance to hotels, assisted living facilities and similar businesses who seek to provide quiet yet comfortable spaces to their guests. Each GE VTAC has a space-saving build that’s small enough to fit inside a closet, allowing you to free up floor space while reducing noise.

The General Electric AZ91H18D5C 18000 BTU Large Chassis Zoneline VTAC with Heat Pump, 5.0 kW Electric Heat offers three fan speeds and provides a balanced temperature to any room. The General Electric AZ91H12D3C 12000 BTU Zoneline VTAC with Heat Pump, 3.4 kW Electric Heat also offers three fan speeds and comes with your choice of power connection kit.

The General Electric AZ90E12D3C 12200 BTU Zoneline VTAC 3.4 kW Electric Heat is similar to the AZ85E12DAC but comes with a heat pump.