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Governair®: Custom Air Handlers

Governair’s Custom Air Handlers minimize total cost of ownership while meeting the most challenging requirements for fit, efficiency, and reliability in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, data centers, cleanrooms, offices, and hospitality. With years of experience designing and manufacturing custom solutions, we offer industry-leading flexibility and versatility to meet your application requirements.

These custom air handlers provide:

  • Quiet, energy-efficient operation – Noise reduction design options combined with real cost-savings technology.
  • High-quality construction options – Specialized materials reduce design time, lower installation labor and material costs, accelerate timeline construction and provide customizable configurations.
  • Innovative technology – Inventive and unique designs contribute to systems that address humidity, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, acoustics, and special physical requirements.
  • Performance-leading flexibility – Design and construction features that adapt to any situation, requirement and environment.
  • Lower cost of ownership – Cost-effective, energy efficient custom-built systems that significantly reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Built-in redundancy – Multiple levels of superior redundancy provide added assurance against interruptions to normal operations.
  • Energy recovery – Efficient recovery systems that reclaim up to 80% of waste heat that lowers energy costs.
  • “Free Cooling” solutions – Energy-efficient outside air minimizes or eliminates the need for mechanical cooling.
  • Configurations and components – Flexible configurations and designs match footprint requirements that accommodate more efficient systems.
  • Lower static pressure – Less uniform airflow profile reduces static pressure drop due to turbulence and system effects.
  • Lowest electrical requirements – Minimal electrical connection loads and low fan horsepower provide a significant advantage in terms of energy savings.