Humidity control is crucial to delivering healthy indoor air. The correct humidity helps our immune systems function properly and prevents the growth and spread of airborne pathogens.

The return of winter means the return of dry air—so now is the time to consider your building’s space humidification.

We recommend systems with pinpoint accuracy and intuitive user controls. That’s why we turn to Condair (formerly Nortec), a company that’s been pioneering in the field of humidity control for over 50 years.

Condair rs series

Condair’s vision is to create healthier built environments through rigorous research and to improve human life by improving the air we breathe. We often specify two models of Condair’s industry-leading isothermal humidifiers:

RS Series:

For high-precision electric steam humidification, the RS Series is accurate to +/- 1% RH when using the SSR option with a humidistat. These units connect to humidity sensors or central BMS for maximum flexibility and provide efficient conversion rates with minimal energy losses to keep operating costs low.

GS Series:

Condair’s newest natural gas-fired humidifiers boast over 90% condensing efficiency. They include a low emissions model (NX) that meets California’s strict emissions regulation.

OEM Parts For Long System Life

To deliver the highest indoor air quality, an HVAC system must continue operating at its original specs. When it’s time for system maintenance, you can provide better performance with replacement parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

SVL stocks these OEM parts that are vital to your humidification systems, notably:

  • Replacement Cylinders: Condair first innovated an electrode steam humidifier that allowed for the easy removal of minerals. Remember to check these cylinders regularly and maintain a ready supply of replacements.

Make sure you inquire about complete humidification system replacement needs as well.

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