Models HX 12-7, HZ 12-8, HX 12-10

Ice Storage

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IceStor-Thermal Ice Storage

Integrating an IceStor tank into your system will generate immediate savings, and protect against rising energy costs for years to come, but it is also the smart environmental choice. Our systems can help you earn LEED points, and meet ASHRAE Standard 189 requirements.

By making ice at night and storing it to use during daylight hours, design engineers can level the cooling load profile of the building and downsize installed equipment. IceStor thermal systems can often be installed for little additional capital cost, when incorporated during the design phase.

Ice thermal storage is a proven, reliable technology and a strategic method to reduce cooling load demand. Whether you are a building owner, engineer, architect or contractor, you can easily integrate the IceStor tank into new or existing cooling systems.

In addition to the popular models listed, we specialize in custom applications, knockdown systems for retrofit jobs, site-built tanks, buried tank applications and more.