Triad Washdown/Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater


Triad Washdown & Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater

The Indeeco Triad stainless steel construction with non-metallic NEMA 4X enclosure can be hosed down for cleaning in dirty, wet and corrosive marine applications. Triad unit heaters are UL listed, File #E97759, meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements and are ABS approved. Advantages of the TRIAD® include:

  • Built-in Controls: All necessary safety and temperaturecontrols are included in a single package. Components andmotor are factory-wired to a single terminal block for fieldwiring, eliminating the chance for field error and reducinginstallation costs.
  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up: Heater, fan motor andcontrols are all connected to the same branch circuit.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Stainless steel construction, powder-coated aluminum fan blade and nonmetallic NEMA 4Xterminal enclosure resist corrosion found in sewage treatment plants, swimming pool areas, car washes, paper millsand marine installations.
  • Washable: This watertight construction can be hosed down without disconnecting the heater, which makes it deal for coal handling areas, steel mills, foundries, ships,wood finishing plants, cement, sand, grain and food processing facilities.

Compact Explosion-proof Unit Heater


Indeeco Compact Explosion-Proof Unit Heater

Indeeco’s Compact explosion-proof unit heater is designed with both size and economy in mind. Compact advantages and unique features include:

  • Compact Size: This small design is only 13 inches wide, which makes it ideal for applications where limited space is available.
  • Low Cost: The Compact design offers the most economical solution for heating small Class I, Group D hazardous areas. It is a cost effective alternative to the use of explosion-proof convection heaters.
  • Redundant Overtemperature Protection: Primary and secondary automatic reset thermal cutouts for additional safety.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Provides superior corrosion resistant protection. Optional Dirty Duty construction adds polyester powder coating to all aluminum parts for use in corrosive applications.
  • Optional Marine Duty Construction: The Compact design is ideal for shipboard use where size, weight and corrosion-resistant construction are critical.

Type T Convector


Indeeco Type T Convector

The Type T (turrett) construction per MIL-H-22663 has no built-in controls. The new Navy design, per NAVSEA document #59512-BS-MMA-010 includes both a built-in manual reset over temperature cutout and a thermostat. Heaters are also available with a complete built-in control package to eliminate the need for remote contactors and transformers.

Sloped Top Convector


Indeeco Sloped Top Converter

Indeeco Commercial Marine Sloped Top Convectors are available with the same electrical ratings and physical dimensions as their Mil-Spec counterparts and may also be provided with complete built-in controls to allow for a single point electrical connection.

Standard built-in controls include an adjustable thermostat with a range of 40°-100° F, a manual reset thermal cutout, main power terminal blocks and 440/24 control circuit transformer with fusing as required.

Transformers are not required for 120 volts units (sizes CE 3/4 and CE 1-1/2) because all devices are load carrying. The cabinet is manufactured of 316 series stainless steel and features a watertight control enclosure. The heating elements are made of 304 series stainless steel and have either Hermetic or RTV seals to prohibit the entrance of moisture. The use of stainless steel throughout guarantees rugged construction and long life.