Innovent – Swimming Pool Dehumidification

Innovent Desiccant Dehumidification Unit

Dessicent Dehumidification

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For spaces that need to be maintained at low humidity and tight tolerances beyond the capabilities of typical air handling equipment, count on Innovent’s desiccant dehumidification units. These units can deliver extra dry air from 5 – 50 °F to spaces requiring low room humidity. Innovent’s desiccant units help create healthy and controlled environments for spaces with demanding performance specifications like surgical suites, pharmaceuticals, ice rinks, museums, and research facilities.

Using high temp, low temp, or passive regeneration for reactivation of the desiccant wheel, Innovent units can adapt to each specific application. Other options for the desiccant dehumidification unit include gas, hot water, or steam heating; chilled water or DX cooling; high-end filtration; and integrated, factory controls with specialized control sequences.

Features and Benefits

  • Brute force CW/DX – dew points in the mid-40 °F range
  • Passive regeneration – dew points in the mid-40 °F range, no additional heat required
  • Low temp regeneration – dew points in the 30 °F to 45 °F range, regen heat up to 150 °F
  • High temp regeneration – dew points below 30 °F, regen heat up to 300 °F
  • Precise low humidity control
  • Low dew point air at any desired space temperature — can deliver extra dry air from 5 – 50 °F
  • Meets demanding performance specifications for surgical suites, pharmaceuticals, ice rinks, museums, and research facilities
  • Design flexibility to adapt to site constraints
  • Fit where standard units will not
  • Match footprint of existing unit
    • Fit existing perimeter and cross-sectional supports, match existing duct drops and electrical feeds
  • Extremely large units can be split for transport
  • Custom DX systems for pre-cooling and or post-cooling
  • HEPA filtration
  • Air-to-air energy recovery
  • Dedicated unit controller with flexible, pre-engineered control sequences reduces start-up time and improves operational performance
  • Interoperable via standard protocols including BACnet and Modbus
  • Standard web user interface allows intuitive operation for infrequent users
  • Multiple methods of dehumidifying based on required dew point
  • Desiccant Wheel
  • Customizable dimensional flexibility
  • Breadth of AHU options to condition process air
  • Fully-integrated regenerative heating options
  • Factory controls with specialized control sequences

Innovent Pool Dehumidification

Pool Dehumidification

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Innovent specializes in dehumidifying indoor pool and waterpark spaces the natural way—using large amounts of outdoor air. Not only does this approach deliver swimmer and spectator comfort, it also improves air quality and minimizes corrosion by removing greater amounts of chloramines from the space. The use of outdoor air as the primary form of dehumidification also dramatically reduces the annual hours where mechanical dehumidification is required, lowering the operating costs of the facility.

Natural dehumidification is done efficiently using an all-aluminum, air-to-air, sensible heat exchanger. During most of the operating year, energy is transferred from the exhaust air to the outdoor air to reduce the cooling and dehumidification requirements of the space. All pool units are built for years of service in a corrosive environment with aluminum components, aluminum injected foam panels, and coated heating coils.

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum Construction
    • Excellent resistance to corrosion in acidic environments
    • Extends equipment service life
    • Interior walls, flooring, drain pans, dampers, and energy recovery devices
  • Dimensional flexibility – meets exact needs/fit
  • Outstanding protection in acidic and alkaline environments
  • Protect against corrosion from moisture, chloramines, and bi-metal reactivity
  • Less static pressure — contaminants do not adhere to the coil surfaces
  • Wash down capabilities
  • Utilizes air-to-air energy recovery to capture heat otherwise exhausted from the building
  • Eliminates the need for complicated refrigeration loops with multiple heat rejection points (e.g., pool water)
  • Avoids running compressors constantly to maintain space humidity level
  • Meet the rigorous and specific requirements of critical and complex environments
  • Recognize the needs of specific areas of the building and provide optimal performance
  • Responsive mode control to meet demanding and fluctuating space conditions
  • Space pressurization control algorithm
  • Precise temperature/humidity control
  • Dehumidification through naturally dry outdoor air
    • Dramatically improves IAQ
    • Reduces operating costs
    • Preserves building infrastructure
  • Pool-specific customized construction
  • Simplified, energy-efficient design
  • Special operating modes