Johnson Air-Rotation® HVAC System LITE


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Johnson Air Rotation LITE AHU 300


Available in – 10 Ton Model, 20 Ton Model, 35 Ton Model

Completely DUCTLESS System

The Johnson Lite ductless system means a faster install, better system efficiency, fewer utility hookups, and so much more. Johnson Lite can save significant operating costs compared to rooftop systems.

Simplified Installation

The Johnson Lite HVAC System can be installed with just a pallet jack and small lift, meaning no rigging equipment. The lightweight sections and a single-point power connection means a simpler install.

One-Touch Controls

Controls options include Nest and DDC.

Gas-Free Heating

The same coil / DX system provides heating and cooling. This means no heater section, no gas train, no gas piping, and no venting are required. Simple and efficient.

Easy Routine Maintenance

Johnson Lite has ground level servicing, making routine maintenance simple and safe.

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems

At the end of the day, this is the same Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System that has been around for over 70 years, providing uniform temperatures/humidity with efficient air movement…just in a smaller package.