Daikin© Rooftop Units

Maverick I

Rooftop Units

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Maverick® I packaged rooftop units/systems, from 3 to 25 tons, include features and benefits that are ideal for offices, schools, libraries, and strip malls. This is a rooftop unit you can rely on for dependability and cost-effectiveness due to its efficient scroll compressors, integrated blower control, and easy-to-access mechanical components which reduce service costs.

Efficient Scroll Compressors

All Maverick I models feature scroll compressors that offer maximum reliability, efficiency, and quiet operation.

Integrated Blower Control

Integrated blower control with diagnostics, horizontal and vertical airflows, economizer, and DDC controls offers cost-effective benefits, features, and options that building owners, contractors, facility managers, and specifying engineers appreciate.

Low Installation Costs

Maverick I combines the lower installation costs and interior space savings of a roof-mounted system with the operating and maintenance efficiencies of central heating and cooling systems.


  • Ideal for new, retrofit, or replacement applications on low rise buildings
  • Lower installation costs and interior space savings
  • Economizer with low-leak dampers for reduced energy costs
  • Scroll compressors for efficient cooling operation and dependability
  • Two-circuit refrigerant design for high reliability
  • Easy access to mechanical components for reduced service costs
  • Non-corrosive, double-sloped drain for good indoor air quality
  • Totally enclosed condenser fan motors for reliable and quiet operation
  • DDC controller with LonTalk® or BACnet® communication for easy integration into BAS

Maverick II

Rooftop Units

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Daikin Maverick II commercial packaged rooftop systems, from 15 to 75 tons, use ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant and are designed for new, retrofit, or replacement applications on one to three-story buildings like offices, schools, libraries, and strip malls.

Arriving as a complete packaged solution, Maverick II maximizes your design and installed cost savings with a wide-range of factory-installed options like energy recovery, modulating hot gas reheat, and SiteLine™ controls that maximize performance from commissioning throughout the life of the unit.

Energy Efficiency

Maverick II delivers energy efficiencies of 10.0 EER and higher to meet the ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016.

Energy Recovery Wheel

Lower your total cost of ownership with Maverick’s energy recovery wheel. A rotating energy recovery wheel captures heat and humidity energy, yielding a significant increase in system efficiency.


Non-Ozone-Depleting Refrigerant

A global commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment is changing the landscape for the HVAC industry. Maverick II was designed to use non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant.


  • Variable air volume (VAV) or constant volume (CV) operation
  • EER meets ASHRAE 90.1 2016
  • Durable, double wall construction with access doors on both sides
  • Gas heat option with staged or modulating control
  • Economizer with 80% to 100% exhaust
  • Building pressure control with a VFD
  • Factory integrated and commissioned MicroTech® III DDC control system
  • Daikin’s Open Choices™ feature provides building automation system integration using BACnet® MS/TP, BACnet IP, or LonTalk® communication protocol options
  • Stainless steel sloped drain pan
  • 2″ pre-filters with option for 4″ secondary filter on sizes 15–50, and 12″ secondary filters on sizes 61–75
  • Airfoil fans provide non-overloading operation, better fan efficiency, and less noise
  • Energy recovery wheel with unitary construction and single-point power connection


Rooftop Units

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Award-winning Rebel® commercial packaged rooftop systems, from 3 to 28 tons, provide building owners with energy savings up to 43% above ASHRAE’s 90.1 2016 standard, enabling complete system payback in under two years. Combining quality manufactured equipment with advanced Daikin technologies, Rebel delivers a superior commercial rooftop part load rating up to 20.6 IEER.

It is extremely quiet and uses ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant, making these packaged rooftop units ideal for any low-rise commercial building like schools, retail, offices, and medical facilities, as well as in dedicated outdoor air applications.

Inverter Compressor

At the core of Rebel’s advanced technologies is the inverter scroll compressor that gives you superior temperature/humidity control, energy efficiencies, and cost savings unmatched by typical compressors.

Energy Recovery

Lower your total cost of ownership with Rebel’s energy recovery options. Options featured in this rooftop AC unit include CORE heat exchangers and a rotating energy recovery wheel to capture heat and humidity energy, yielding a 40% increase in system efficiency.

SiteLine™ Building Controls

Daikin’s scalable, cloud-based building automation systems (BAS) instantly and easily optimize the performance of any HVAC ecosystem—including other makes and existing building systems. Plus, our real-time analytics provide effortless insight and enable optimization for energy, indoor air quality (IAQ) and sustainability.


  • Variable speed Daikin inverter compressor
  • Variable speed Daikin heat pump
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • MicroTech® III unit controller
  • Hinged access doors
  • Ultra-quiet Daikin condenser fans
  • Variable speed ECM motors or VFDs on all fans
  • Hybrid backup heat options
  • Refrigeration-only controller
  • Double-wall foam cabinet
  • Dehumidification control
  • Stainless steel, double sloped drain pan
  • 100% outdoor air option
  • Durable construction
  • Low radiated noise
  • Economizer
  • 2″ and 4″ slide-out filter racks
  • Optional energy wheel
  • Optional energy CORE®

Rebel DAH Commercial Outdoor Chilled Water Air Handlers

Rooftop Units

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Rebel outdoor chilled water air handling system, from 500 to 11,500 cfm, allows specifying engineers to build a streamlined air handler with minimal options to fit a building owner’s budget. Or, design a unique, high-performance air handler loaded with factory-installed features and options.

Combined with either Pathfinder® or Trailblazer® air-cooled chillers, Rebel offers a chilled water solution that capitalizes on the 22+ IPLV performance of an air-cooled chiller. This delivers a staggering 30% increase in efficiency that adds to your bottom line.

Superior Single-Source Chilled Water Solution

Building on our innovative and award-winning Rebel® heating and DX cooling packaged rooftop platform, comes the new Rebel rooftop air handler. Combined with Pathfinder and Trailblazer air-cooled chillers, Rebel offers engineers and building owners a superior single-source chilled water solution. Capitalize on the industry-leading 22+ IPLV performance of a Daikin air-cooled chiller and combine it with Rebel’s flexible options to precisely match your application needs.

Designed Around What Matters Most

Tailor your HVAC solution to your job application and long-term goals by configuring a system designed around what matters most. Build a commercial air handler that fits your budget or design loaded with factory-installed options. No surprises here. Regardless of what you decide, your air handler will arrive on site as a complete packaged solution, ready to start delivering better air.

Built For Better Energy Outcomes

Imagine using an air handler unit that reduces fan energy so much that you notice it in your energy expense reporting. With our embedded technology, you’ll witness up to 15% savings in fan energy by relying on our ECM fan and direct-drive technology (versus traditional belt-driven fans). Built to meet AHRI codes in arid climates, Rebel has a factory-installed energy recovery wheel or CORE® enthalpy heat exchanger. This captures and recycles lost energies for a 40% increase in operating efficiency and exceeds ASHRAE’s 90.1 standard, producing better energy outcomes for your application.


  • Multiple cooling coils
  • Through the base piping connections
  • Optional factory installed valves
  • MicroTech® III unit controller
  • Hinged access doors
  • Variable speed ECM motors or direct-drive fans
  • Multiple heat options
  • Double-wall foam cabinet
  • Stainless steel, double sloped drain pan
  • Low radiated noise
  • Economizer
  • Outdoor air damper control
  • 2″ and 4″ slide-out filter racks
  • Optional energy wheel


Rooftop Units

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RoofPak air handlers have become the preferred HVAC solution for thousands of prominent building projects through decades of innovation, design flexibility, durable construction, low capital and operating costs. Typical applications include schools, offices, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, and more. Daikin RAH and RDS models are ideal options for a job where energy efficiency, reliability, acoustics, and indoor air quality are top priorities.

Modular Construction with Walk-In Access

These units are the result of state-of-the-art innovation that provides increased flexibility within each unit. RoofPak® is a semi-custom air handler unit with the ability to satisfy a wide range of application specifications.

100% Dedicated Outdoor Air

100% dedicated outdoor air, dehumidification, VAV, or constant volume operation provides efficient, reliable performance.

Controls Integrations

Easily integrate with the BAS of your choice by using MicroTech® III controls with the Open Choices® feature.


  • Modular construction with walk-in hinged access doors
  • Multiple factory-installed options for customized flexibility
  • Blow-through or draw-through cooling coil and filter configurations
  • Controls flexibility—MicroTech® III controls with Open Choices® feature for easy integration with the BAS of your choice
  • Heavy duty construction and independent IBC seismic certification

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                      Jim Lubratt

                      President & Chief Executive Officer

                      Jim Lubratt has been president of SVL since 2006. He first joined the company as a sales engineer in 1992 and was made a partner in 2000. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Southern Methodist University and first entered the HVAC industry as a marketing engineer for a heat pump manufacturer in Texas.

                      In addition to his role at SVL, Jim is vice president of AQC Industries, LLC, a manufacturer of specialized underground ductwork systems. He is also an investor and board member for Hydromx, Inc., a manufacturer of heat transfer nanofluids, and Crotega, Inc., creators of personal and building security solutions.

                      Jim and his wife, Tracy, met in college and married in 1993. They have three children, two of whom have graduated college in Texas, while their youngest is attending Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

                      Outside of work, Jim places a priority on his faith, family, friends, and fitness. He enjoys helping people-supporting charities, time with his wife and kids, road-biking with friends and efforts to stay physically fit.

                      A message from Jim on the achievements of SVL

                      SVL started in February 1967 by Charlie Schwab and Craig Vollhaber. Schwab-Vollhaber, Inc. (as it was named at the time) steadily grew and, in 1985, welcomed Paul Lubratt as another partner, becoming Schwab-Vollhaber-Lubratt, Inc. SVL’s founders had the determination to build the most talented, customer-focused HVAC representative in the Midwest. Our original drive and passion still shape the company and culture to this day. The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of every individual. From humble beginnings, SVL founders paved the way to industry success with hard work and determination. “Today, SVL is strongly organized with great people to lead our industry forward as we are challenged with fast-paced changes to reduce our environmental impact,” says Jim. Now, 55+ years later, SVL is under the leadership of two new principals who share the same vision and drive that has propelled SVL throughout the years. Built on a foundation of integrity, Jim Lubratt, and Charlie Vollhaber strive to ensure opportunities for personal growth, improved work environment, and shared life enrichment. The achievements of our organization are the results of the combined efforts of every individual.

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                      Charlie Vollhaber

                      Executive Vice President & Officer

                      Charlie Vollhaber is a third-generation employee at SVL, as a grandson of company co-founder Craig Vollhaber and son of former CEO Todd Vollhaber. Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Minnesota. He became an outside salesman for SVL in 2013, was made a partner in 2019, and then executive vice president and officer in 2022.

                      He grew up playing sports, including football, basketball, golf, and track, and enjoys the competitive nature of the HVAC industry. “I like that no two days are ever the same as there are always questions to answer and problems to solve,” he says. “Most of all, I enjoy working with great people and coordinating together on challenging projects to achieve positive results together.”

                      Outside of work, Charlie enjoys spending time with his wife, Lesley, and their three boys. He’s also fond of golfing, traveling, and attending concerts and sporting events. One of his favorite quotes is from the book of Philippians: “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count other more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Because HVAC and construction is such a team effort, he says, “this mindset helps to create positive results in a vast majority of situations.”

                      A message from Charlie on the culture of SVL

                      “At SVL, we strive to cultivate a unique culture that revolves around finding and empowering exceptional individuals. We believe in equipping our team members with the right tools and resources to succeed.

                      As we’ve grown the business, we have deliberately maintained a small firm culture, fostering an environment where collaboration thrives. We encourage open dialogue and promote a sense of comfort among our employees, allowing anyone to ask questions and seek guidance from anyone else, regardless of their level within the organization.

                      We foster a workshop-like atmosphere where everyone’s contribution is valued. Presenting your work to another individual or a group of teammates provides a platform for collaboration, where ideas are shared, dissected, and improved collectively. We firmly believe in the power of mentoring and provide various avenues for both formal and informal guidance. Whether it’s through structured training programs or casual conversations, we encourage team members to discuss a wide range of topics, from work-related successes or issues to everyday personal life topics.

                      In summary, our culture is built on the foundation of attracting exceptional individuals, empowering them with the necessary tools, and fostering a collaborative environment where mentorship and growth thrive. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where every team member feels supported, valued, and encouraged to reach their fullest potential.”

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                      Al Gramse

                      Vice President of SVL Service Corporation

                      Al Gramse has been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. He began as a service technician.  Then over his career worked in technical support, building automation, then service manager prior to his current role.

                      How did Al end up in the HVAC industry?  “After high school, I took a couple years to figure out what I wanted to do.   Where I was working at the time, a grumpy old coworker, who I didn’t get along with, walked up to me and said ‘What are you doing here?  Go back to school.’”  I said, “For what?”  He said “There’s a tech school down the street.  Go down there and pick something that interests you”. Then he walked away.  That weird interaction, with someone I didn’t get along with, sent me down a 30-year path in the HVAC industry.   Never underestimate the potential of a little encouragement.   Even if it is from a strange source.

                      Al has been with SVL for 15 years and is the head of our SVL Service division. “The people here are some of the best in the industry,” Al says. “A bunch of team-oriented, knowledgeable, go-getters.” His personal mantra is “figure it out,” “Do a little fact-finding on your own. Use your own brain before you use someone else’s. But know when to ask for help.” he prescribes. “It’s amazing what you can accomplish on your own if you dig in a little bit.”

                      Outside of work, Al has lots of outdoor hobbies, including hunting, fishing, and motorcycling, though his favorite pastime is simply hanging out with family.

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                      Jennifer Roach

                      Director of Creative Services

                      Jen Roach brings 30 years of marketing and leadership experience to her work directing the creative team at SVL. A graduate of South St. Paul High School, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in visual communication and design from Brown College.

                      She began her career in graphic design before moving into an art director role with Dayton Hudson Corporation. Later, she became creative director at an advertising agency working on recreational vehicle accounts, before taking in-house creative director positions first at Gander Mountain and then at HOM Furniture.

                      Jen joined SVL in 2021, during a time of major growth for its marketing team. “My style is ‘servant-leadership’, putting my team’s needs before my own, doing whatever I can to make them feel valued and secure,” she says. “I think it drives stronger working relationships, builds trust, and produces higher quality work. I want the team to care about the company, the work, and each other.”

                      Outside of work, Jen enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, and son, Crew. Together they love weekend getaways, being outside, riding bikes, gardening, baking, and traveling to wrestling tournaments to cheer on Simley High School. She recently constructed her forever home in Cottage Grove and now spends her free time as a weekend reno warrior.

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