Mike Ruff

IT Manager

Mike Ruff


Self-Taught and Self-Disciplined IT Professional of 20+ Years

Life Goal

To Continue Learning, Working on Bettering Myself and Helping Those Around Me.


Snowboarding, Riding My Motorcycle and All Things IT

What was your favorite show as a kid?

“The Incredible Hulk” (TV Show) and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (Movie Short)

Have you ever been mistaken for someone famous?

Will Sasso

What gameshow do you think you could win?

Beat Shazam

SVL would like to welcome our new IT Manager, Mike Ruff. Mike is a self-taught, self-disciplined IT consultant who has worked in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) arena for over 20 years, focusing on cybersecurity for the past four years. This includes working both for myself and with other MSPs. Working in the MSP industry requires knowledge of many different technologies and business verticals. It means being the subject matter expert for all your clients and always matching the correct solutions to help drive their business needs. Mike believes that through his continued education and constant eagerness to learn new technologies, he exemplifies this quality.
“I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my skillset to SVL, and I look forward to learning and growing from everyone here for the next 20 years,” he noted.

The Open Road and Other Hobbies

In his free time, Mike enjoys riding his motorcycle during the summer. On occasion, he even drives it to the office!

During the winter, snowboarding is his thrill of choice. However, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, he enjoys delving further into all things IT.

Welcome to the team, Mike Ruff!

A Peek Inside SVL’s Culture

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