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Expansion Bladder Tanks

Expansion Bladder Tanks

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Expansion Bladder Tanks _ Niles Steel

The Niles Steel Tank expansion bladder tanks are designed for commercial heating and potable water applications. As water is heated, it expands into the bladder and pushes against the air cushion. As the system cools, the pressure in the tank pushes the system water back into the piping, maintaining system pressure. This helps eliminate the expansion forces caused by heating and cooling of pressurized systems water.

Tank air pressure must be field adjusted

  • Properly charge the tank to equal the cold-water supply pressure, prior to filling the system.
  • Failure to properly pressurize the tank will cause the cold supply water to expand the bladder, greatly reduce the expansion capabilities.

Standard features:

  • Vertical construction
  • Carbon steel construction
  • ASME code section VIII, Div. 1
  • Red oxide shop primer exterior
  • Heavy duty Butyl Rubber replaceable bladder
  • NSF 61 bladder
  • 125 psi
  • Max Temperature 240 degrees F
  • Lifting lugs
  • 4″ High Skirt with base clips
  • Pre-charged bladder
  • Quick Ship inventory 5 available sizes from 11 gallons up to 104 gallons.