Evapco’s Cutting-Edge Adiabatic Cooler Provides Efficient Cooling Power

Adiabatic Coolers are able to assist the evaporation process without transferring heat or mass back into the system. Evapco has developed an Adiabatic cooler with superior efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and a wide range of sizes to meet nearly any facility’s needs.

How Adiabatic Cooling Works

Adiabatic Cooler

The Air Exchange Process in an Evapco eco-Air Series V Coil (EAVWA) Adiabatic Cooler

Adiabatic cooling is a thermodynamic process where air moves without transferring mass or heat between a system or its surroundings and cooling the

fluid as it passes through the system.  The wetted fibrous pads aid the pre-cooling process with minimal water requirements, which results in increased capacity and energy savings.  No water treatment, cold water basin, or water pump is necessary for this single-pass system.

Hot water enters the system’s inlet header connection (see the diagram to the right, red).  The hot water’s heat dissipates as it moves through the coil surface, then transfers to the fins. Now the system’s fibrous pads are fully wetted in front of the coil. Fans on top of the unit draw air through the pre-cooled adiabatic pads. Humidification occurs as the air passes through the adiabatic pad, and decreases the ambient dry-bulb temperature, move within a few degrees of the wet-bulb temperature. The pre-cooled air then moves through the surface of the tube and fin, which can significantly increase the heat rejection capacity.  The heat transferred moves into the discharge air, finally exiting the unit. The cool process fluid cycles out of the unit through the (blue) connections.

Benefits of Adiabatic Cooling

Adiabatic cooling is an especially efficient technology that has many benefits, including reduced water consumption, advanced technology, innovative design, as well as epoxy-coated fins.

Reduced Maintenance

Evapco’s adiabatic cooling equipment mitigates typical concerns, such as scaling, bacteria, and corrosion. The fully evaporative units are designed to be a once-through system, eliminating the necessity of a pump or basin for water.  The pads filter the air prior to contact with the coil, which limits contaminants getting to the tubes and fins.  The motors incorporated in the design require no routine maintenance.

Lower Water Consumption

Adiabatic technology within Evapco’s cooling units consumes minimal water to meet cooling requirements with more efficiency. The fibrous wetted adiabatic pads further cool incoming air to obtain the greatest heat transfer once the air is humidified and only uses water when required due to ambient conditions or load. Compared to other cooling methods, the reduction in water consumption further reduces operation expenses, such as water treatment, supply, and disposal. Proprietary PLC logic maximizes water conservation when Evapco’s eco-Air adiabatic systems include the Evapco controls package.

 Advanced Design Feature of the Adiabatic Cooler

Epoxy Coated Fins Protect Against Corrosion

The Evapco eco-Air Adiabatic unit has superior steel technology. The high-grade Type 304L stainless steel tubing is standard and meets ASME B31.5 refrigerant piping code. It is also available in 5/8″ OD.

The eco-Air Series’ utilizes an exceptional coil design to increase efficiency. CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling software paired with proprietary calculation methods of coil performance and finite element heat transfer analysis have enabled Evapco’s engineers to improve the finned coil’s design.  The refined finned coil has significant advantages to others on the market than the extensive computer modeling done in Evapco’s cutting-edge research department. The advanced design optimizes heat transfer resulting in better cooling.

Coil bend covers and epoxy coated fins prolong the life of the cooling system. The coil bend covers aid in protecting the return bends during handling and operation, reducing wear and tear. Additionally, epoxy coats every fin in the unit to increase corrosion resistance and does not impact capacity.

Created with Easy Installation in Mind

The adiabatic unit features a number of other design aspects that make transportation and installation easy. Forklift channels are standard on units up to 27 feet long and mounted at each fan motor. The location of the forklift channels allows for electronic isolation of individual motors. Every unit is designed to ship and install as one piece, reducing assembly expenses and installation time. Furthermore, a large inspection panel and an internal step-deck with a grab rail and platform provide easy access for inspection. Coil return bend covers are in place to protect the coil’s bends during operation, prolonging the system’s lifespan.

Evapco’s eco-Air Series Adiabatic Cooler

Evapco’s Adiabatic Cooler

EVAPCO eco-Air Series heat exchanger units come with an exclusive and unmatched guarantee of 100% thermal performance. No other products utilizing adiabatic technology on the market offer this level of assurance. Adiabatic technology drastically reduces water requirements to achieve the cooling efficiency attained by Evapco’s systems.  Furthermore, aluminum fins and 304L stainless steel tubing are standard on this system. Adiabatic technology is available on systems with a capacity range from 13 to 415 nominal tons, making it an excellent fit for applications of nearly any size. The unit ships in one low-profile piece, eliminating the time required for assembly required for other options. Additionally, Evapco’s adiabatic cooling system is IBC Compliant for 1.5 Importance Factor installations. They are ideal for high ambient dry bulb climates and high-temperature applications. Finally, the adiabatic cooling units require less maintenance than typical options.

About Evapco

Since 1976, Evapco has been a global industry-leading manufacturer of heat transfer applications. It is dedicated to offering the highest quality products of industrial refrigeration and evaporative cooling across the globe. Evapco manufactures its cutting-edge technology worldwide along with 170 strategically located sales offices. The company is committed to developing top-of-the-line technology to meet and exceed customer requirements.


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