Fabric Duct


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Prihoda Fabric Duct

Custom Engineered: Every system is custom engineered to ensure optimum air distribution and occupant comfort in any space.

No Condensation: Systems constructed with fabrics incorporating engineered permeability to create a thermal barrier on the entire diffuser surface to prevent condensation when cooling below dew point.

Fire Resistant: Fabrics are UL/ULC certified for fire resistance and acceptable in all building codes.

Easily Maintained: Zippered system sections allow for easy removal and laundering in a commercial washing machine.

Lightweight: Fabric diffuser bodies and lightweight mounting materials add virtually nothing to the structural load of the building.

Custom Printing: In-house dye-printing allows for diffusers to be made in any color, with any pattern or with any image for easy and creative incorporation into any interior design.

Low-cost: Through a combination of less-expensive materials and significantly reduced installation costs, Prihoda systems save 40-70% compared to traditional metal.

Sustainable: Prihoda Recycled made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials (old water bottles!) provides a truly sustainable solution that is compliant with Living Building Challenge requirements and also contributes to Materials & Resources credits in LEED v4.