RenewAire ERV Systems Provide Excellent IAQ and Proven Energy Savings
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RenewAire ERV (energy recovery ventilator) systems are becoming a must-have for new and retrofit projects. The progression of technology over time has resulted in the ability to better seal buildings from the elements. While this keeps out weather, it also traps contaminants inside. Since the pandemic, the world has become more aware of the importance of IAQ (indoor air quality). Furthermore, IAQ is now a greater priority for both engineers and owners. RenewAire is an industry leader in ERV systems. Their superior units can save on energy expenses, improve IAQ, and even reduce the size of the AHU (air handling unit) required for your facility.

Renewaire ERV HE Series

Anatomy of a RenewAire HE Series ERV unit.

What is an ERV

ERVs are systems designed to increase airflow and bring the incoming air closer to the system set temperature. One fan pulls outdoor air in, and another fan pulls stale indoor air out. This reduces the work required by the AHU and saves on energy expenses. Additionally, these systems capture pollutants and airborne contaminants, which helps to increase IAQ.

Why ERV Systems Are Important

On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air quality is anywhere from 2 to 100 times more contaminated than outdoor spaces. Some of these contaminants include pollen, allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde, ozone, and airborne contagions. The EPA has listed deficient IAQ as one of their top five health risks. RenewAire ERV units substantially reduce these contaminates and increase ventilation within an indoor space.

Enhanced ventilation has been found to improve cognition, increased productivity, better health of occupants, and lower disease transmission. A study at Harvard and Berkley Lab discovered that CO2 levels in inadequately ventilated spaces negatively impact decision-making and thinking. Additionally, Berkley Lab found that inadequate ventilation can cost as much as $58 billion in lost sick time and $200 billion in debilitated worker performance for U.S. businesses. A reduction of airborne contaminant levels within a facility can reduce the likelihood occupants become ill and helps to mitigate illness transmission from one person to another.

Renewaire ERV

RenewAire ERV airflow exchange within the energy recovery core.

How ERV Systems Improve IAQ

ERV systems help to increase the airflow within a building. Fresh outdoor air is drawn in by a fan on specific levels of the fixed partition and spacer plates. Meanwhile, the stale room air exits, entering different levels of the partitions inside the energy recovery core. The stale and fresh air never mix within the energy recovery core, reducing the airborne contaminants. Moreover, RenewAire’s ERV systems contain MERV 13  air filters to further remove any contaminants entering the building. The added airflow brings in the fresh air, expels contaminant-ridden air faster than AHUs alone, and adds another level of filtration. Finally, it transfers humidity to maintain occupant comfort and reduce the proliferation of contaminants.

RenewAire ERV Units Save Money Year-Round

ERV systems are not only great for improving IAQ, but they also live up to their name and save on energy expenses. While the heat transfer works differently in the summer and winter, an ERV brings incoming air closer to the interior temperature of your building. During the summer, the outdoor air that enters is hot, and the exiting air is cool. The outdoor air is cooled while the exiting air is warmed by the heat transfer facilitated by the spacer plates. During the winter, outdoor air is cold coming in, and the exiting air is warm. The heat transfer process works in the opposite direction, warming the incoming air.

The ERV system’s unique ability to preheat or precool air before it enters the AHU reduces the amount of energy required to match the indoor temperature. This reduction in required energy saves on energy expenses. Additionally, it saves building owners on the size of an AHU required to meet occupants’ needs. The difference in required tonnage and CFM can be significant. Furthermore, due to this decrease in required energy from the AHU, the longevity of the entire HVAC system can be extended.

RenewAire EV Series

RenewAire EV Series ERV

Top 4 Reasons to Choose a RenewAire ERV System

RenewAire is known for its quality ERV systems. It provides excellent value, reliable operation, optimized energy efficiency, and excellent IAQ through its various ERV units.

1. Superior Value

Competitive pricing compared to competitors and the provided energy savings shortens the time it takes for RenewAire ERV systems to pay for themselves. The value provided in a shorter amount of time than competitors makes it a prime choice.

2. Proven Reliability

RenewAire products are known for their reliability and are built to last. Through extreme conditions, RenewAire ERV systems typically last at least 25 years. No condensate pans or drains are necessary for these systems due to the high-efficiency core’s dry operation, no matter the conditions. The design of RenewAire’s ERVs does not include dampers. Therefore, they have fewer moving parts than other available ERVs on the market. This results in fewer maintenance requirements. Additionally, the 10-year industry-leading structural and performance warranty covers the static-plate core. A two-year structural warranty is also provided for the rest of the ERV. The top-quality materials used by RenewAire to manufacture their ERV systems offer maximum longevity and reliability.

3. Top-Notch IAQ

Increased ventilation provides fresh air at a greater rate and filters out harmful contaminants quickly. Fresh and stale air does not mix within the energy recovery core. RenewAire’s proprietary resin and composite media use no biocide and do not promote biological growth on its surface. The moderated humidity and temperatures created by RenewAire ERV systems help maintain occupant comfort through more stable air conditions.

4. Optimal Energy Efficiency

The energy typically lost by conventional ventilation systems is captured and reused to drastically reduce operating expenses. RenewAire ERV systems are able to recapture 70%-80% of the heat and humidity normally exhausted. The cooler or warmer the climate, the greater the energy recovery. RenewAire products also carry several certifications, including UL listings.

About RenewAire

In 1978, RenewAire began with a focus on renewable energy. The first RenewAire ERV was available in 1983, and four years later, the ERV was UL listed under the UL 1812 standard. RenewAire has a commitment to positively impacting the planet and producing solutions to reduce energy use. Its sources only the best materials to provide continued value for customers at a competitive rate.


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