SVL Was In Search of a Sales Engineer Intern At The 2016 NDSU Career Fair

2016 NDSU Career Fair SVL team

SVL’s Team at the 2016 NDSU Career Fair Lee Froemke, Ashlei Medina, Ben Eisenchenk

SVL was proud to host a booth at this year’s NDSU Career Event. Attendance at the event was outstanding, and the team had the opportunity to speak with many prospective interns.

SVL’s goal was to gather bright candidate’s applications for a Sales Engineer Intern position. Two members of the sales team (Lee Fromeke and Ben Eisenschenk, pictured), engaged with visitors and prospective interns at the booth. Lee and Ben each have over ten years of experience, making them excellent resources for industry professionals entering the job market. Their expertise enabled them to answer all questions attendees had. Furthermore, they were able to provide insight into what a long term career could look like for them.

Thank you to each applicant who stopped by our booth at the NDSU Career Fair to find out more about SVL’s upcoming opportunities. Additionally, thank you to NDSU for holding an excellent event.

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