SVL Celebrates The Last Summer Party At The Shoreview Office

svl summer party 2017

SVL past and present employees teamed up for a bags tournament at this year’s summer party. The party included beautiful weather, great food, a bags tournament, and fantastic company. It was a bittersweet day to celebrate summer and one last hoorah at the Shoreview office that has been SVL’s headquarters for more than 30 years. SVL will be moving to a new office before the end of the year.

svl summer party 2017

SVL’s Annual Bags Tournament

The long-standing tradition of the bean bag tournament was once again honored. The competition was fierce between 18 teams. Everyone watched eagerly from the sidelines until the last round. Todd Vollhaber and Charlie Vollhaber were designated as the dream team partway through the competition as it was clear they were sprinting toward the finals. After over two hours, they were victorious and earned bragging rights for the year.

svl summer party 2017

SVL’s employees are what make the office an enjoyable place to work! Team building through friendly competition, team building was a way for employees to stretch their legs and socialize with co-workers whom they don’t work with regularly. Bags tournament teams were assigned at random, making the summer party the perfect team building mixer. Everyone had a great time.

SVL would like to thank Up in Smoke and Ole Town Creamery for providing excellent lunch and ice cream.

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