SVL’s last Summer Party in Shoreview, MN
What is better than beautiful weather, good food, a bean bag tournament and GREAT company? We think nothing…

SVL and AQC’s past and present employees teamed up for a bean bag tournament at this year’s Summer Party. A bitter sweet reunion as they celebrate summer and one last hoorah at the Shoreview office they called home for the last 30+ years. Everyone had a great time! The long standing tradition of the bean bag tournament continued and kept everyone watching eagerly from the sidelines until the last round. Todd Vollhaber and Charlie Vollhaber proved to be the dream team with their tournament victory!

Our employees are what make our office enjoyable to work in! Team building through friendly competition is a way for us to stretch our legs and socialize with people who we don’t work with on a regular basis. Teams were selected at random and both companies were intermingled making the summer party the perfect team building mixer.

We would like to thank Up in Smoke and Ole Town Creamery for providing excellent lunch and treats!