SF-Series 4″ /100 mm

Energy Recovery Wheel

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Swiss Rotors ERW 4

Performance benefits of SF-series:

  • 1060 AHRI certified and independently tested wheel performance.
  • SF-series wheels outperform leading brands of polymer and aluminum wheels, due to monolith wheel structure (no segments) and bigger diameters, for the same casing size.
  • Only 0.41in wg (102 Pa) pressure loss at nominal airflow.
  • Pressure loss advantage of 0,35in wg (87 Pa) over polymer wheel means lower fan power, at similar recovery effectiveness.
  • Exceeds effectiveness requirements set forth in ASHRAE 90.1 and is well below allowed leakage level set in ASHRAE 61.2

 Benefits allows for significant savings to manufacturer due to:

  • Lower required fan power or smaller fan
  • No need to keep wheels on stock (2 weeks lead-time)
  • Best price on the market