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Temtrol® Custom Air Handling Units

Custom Equipment – Proven Performance
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In the past few years, a number of air handling unit companies have joined the HVAC marketplace – each self-proclaiming to be a “custom manufacturer.” But what does it really mean to be a custom manufacturer compared to a fabricator? And what are the real, bottom-line advantages of working with a custom manufacturer? At Temtrol, we see a number of differentiating benefits in working with a custom manufacturer – Quality, Performance, Innovation, and Customer Service.

Quality-Focused Manufacturing Process
We know that using quality components results in a better end product. We build all of the major components that go into our equipment—so you are assured that the components that make up your air handler are functional and reliable, and can be delivered on time.

Each Temtrol and Governair unit carries an ETL listed mark which is proof of product compliance (electrical, gas and other safety standards) to North American safety standards. Added to that, Temtrol, as a member of AHRI, manufactures its own coils with AHRI CertifiedTrade; performance so you get the performance you expect.

We take single-source warranty responsibility for the units and its components to provide you peace of mind. Other manufacturers may cut corners by buying major components, and relying on OEM warranties to deal with problems. Without this singlesource quality commitment, a company isn’t truly a custom manufacturer.

Leading Through Performance
Our focus is on finding a solution that works for you – and to ensure you’re satisfied, not only with the performance of our product, but with the working relationship. Whether your project requires one air handler or 200, we have the manufacturing capabilities to handle your requirements. Our commitment to the Lean Manufacturing process and 5S Quality System provides a discipline in efficient and quality business processes. Temtrol and Governair are brands of Nortek Air solutions, which has approximately 1 million sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity. Our network of factories give us an added advantage of delivering on spec, on time, and on budget. It is what sets us apart from the out-of-the-box fabricators.

Innovative Technology
You don’t want yesterday’s technology. When you choose Temtrol or Governair, you can be assured that you’re getting cutting-edge, innovative technology. We make significant investments in new technology annually, such as in the revolutionary and reliable FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®; new Series ITF units with air- and watertight performance; IBC, OSHPD and Miami Dade pre-certifications, and an ultra low leak, low torque, corrosion-resistant control damper, to name a few. In addition, local access to the Nortek Air Solutions AMCA 300 accredited sound lab helps us predict and improve our unit performance. A real custom manufacturer doesn’t use your jobsite as their “R&D lab” to check performance.

Dedicated Customer Service
Customer service – from having adequate inventory for parts, to having knowledgeable local sales representatives across North America—is incredibly important. Since 1955, the Temtrol team has grown its experience in custom manufacturing and in air handling applications, and offers its services to you to help make your project a success. Temtrol’s quality manufacturing philosophy, proven performance, innovative technology, and never ending customer service, has kept customers coming back to Temtrol for more. The Temtrol difference is clear. Visit for more information.