The Importance of Displacement Ventilation and Dual Coil Systems

Dual Coil Systems and Displacement Ventilation Enhance IAQ

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Thermal Displacement Ventilation Systems assist in improving indoor air quality (IAQ), and drastically reducing airborne pathogens. Thermal Displacement Ventilation allows dwellers to reside in a space that is a few degrees cooler than the thermostat setting. Occupants then warm the air, and it travels vertically to the ceiling, rather than across the aisle to the next person. Additionally, spaces employ individual environments and don’t share air with other rooms. This concept helps reduce multi-room contamination and makes your system pandemic resistant.


The Induction Displacement Unit (IDU), manufactured by DADANCO, is the superior option for Displacement Ventilation. The most significant edge it has over the competition is the use of its patented nozzle technology. This unique nozzle can overcome common challenges presented by existing induction systems. As a result, DADANCO’s IDU is quieter and more efficient than other options on the market.

Dilution VS Stratified Ventilation

The IDU’s ability to move air up and away from occupants, rather than across them, is immensely beneficial. This method keeps airborne contaminants from crossing dweller’s faces, as in traditional mixed air systems. Therefore, Thermal Displacement Ventilation is a simple way to achieve the desired levels outside air levels.

Dilution Ventilation mixes outside air into the existing contaminants. On the other hand, Stratified Ventilation keeps contaminants from being reintroduced around occupants. Classic mixed air systems use dilution ventilation and are about 80% efficient at supplying outside air to occupants, while stratified ventilation is 120% efficient.

Dilution Ventilation

Dilution Ventilation

Stratified Ventilation

Stratified Ventilation

Single Coil

Sing Coil Induction Ventilation

Dual Coil

Dual Coil Induction Ventilation
Single VS Dual Coil Systems

Single Coil Systems degrade ventilation efficiency to about 70 percent. During heating, the air becomes buoyant then short circuits the occupants. This airflow exposes those in a room to more contaminates, and Displacement Ventilation stops.

Dual Coil Systems separate heating coil functions as perimeter fin-tube heating and, the simple controls provide unmatched ease of use. Two coils offer guaranteed performance in all weather conditions, so you don’t have to fret about extreme conditions. A Dual Coil System can also diminish the respiratory transmission of disease agents significantly.

RH WHO Petition Video

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Two Technologies Come Together

In short, DADANCO’s IDU incorporates stratified ventilation, dual coils, and sleek design to provide the best option for a multitude of applications.  These methods of air management can make your facility pandemic resistant and maintain the health of occupants.

Learn more about adding a Dadanco Dual Coil IDU into your system by contacting your SVL Sales Representative, or clicking here.