Coil Tube Hot Water


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Thermogenics Hot Water Boiler

Automatic Packages Units for Low, Medium and High Temperature Applications from 75 to 1000 BHP.

  • All coils have individual monitoring sensors.
  • Quick response to load changes.
  • Rapid start up from cold start.
  • Long life with minimal maintenance coils designed for 1000 PSIG.
  • Rear door access at floor level without disturbing refractory seal.
  • All electrical boxes are oil/dust tight.
  • All electrical conduit liquid tight.
  • Separate high voltage side panel.
  • Combustion air blower at floor level for ease of inspection and maintenance.
  • Recirculating pump and combustion blower direct drive.
  • Most service connections located at common junction point.
  • Double walled boiler shell preheats combustion air and cools outer casing, thereby minimizing radiation losses.