Tyler Copeland




Bachelor of Accounting from NDSU

Life Goal

To Travel as Much of the World as I Can


Fishing, Hunting, Watching movies, Hiking, and Traveling

What is Your Favorite Musical Album?

Dark Horse by Nickleback

What is Your Favorite Cartoon as a Child?

Sponge Bob

Who Has Inspired You the Most?

My Mom. She’s My Hero.

SVL would like to welcome our new accountant, Tyler Copeland. Tyler graduated from NDSU with a degree in accounting. He’s always been fond of numbers, and his favorite subject in school was math.

Around the World in His Free Time

Tyler’s favorite pastimes are fishing, hunting, watching movies, hiking and traveling. He’s an adventurous fellow and isn’t afraid to try new things, including moving across the state for an exciting career. Tyler grew up in Chisholm, Minnesota, and now resides in the Twin Cities area.

Tyler’s goal in life is to travel as much of the world as possible. He is fascinated with other cultures and enjoys getting up close and personal with life in different parts of the world.

Ready for Adventure Every Day

Tyler is a morning person, through and through. He always walks in with a smile and a coffee in his hand to keep the energy going. When asked what he is most looking forward to while working with SVL, he said, “I’m looking forward to seeing how this company will grow in the future as well as how I will grow with it.”

Welcome to the team, Tyler Copeland!

A Peek Inside SVL’s Culture

Headquartered in Roseville, Minn., Schwab-Vollhaber-Lubratt, Inc., better known as SVL, has specialized in designing, servicing, and selling commercial HVAC systems for over 50 years. When customers work with SVL, they know they can expect our team to go the extra mile to exceed their expectations while providing premium equipment, expertise, and value. SVL’s distinctive advantage is understanding the connection between what a company promises and how that promise is delivered. The culture at SVL goes beyond being customer-centric; SVL has a vibe. Its atmosphere yields enthusiasm, engagement, a sense of ownership, and purpose. The culture is central to our success.

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