Veotec’s Heated Louvers Will Save You from Ice Over Headaches

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Veotec, established in 2007, has over 75 years of experience designing air intake systems on its leadership team. Their products protect HVAC equipment in the harshest of climates, from the tundra to the scorching desert. Moreover, Veotec’s specialty is heated air intake systems, which are particularly beneficial for the Midwest. Veotec offers two excellent options: SEFH and SETH.

Hot Water Heated Louvers (SEFH)

Veotec SEFH, Water Heated Coil

Veotec SEFH

Veotec’s hot water heated louver (SEFH) combines exceptional water removal efficiency with heat exchanger technology to prevent ice formation on the inlet while heating or cooling the air stream. Additionally, SEFH is designed to remove ice, snow, drift, mist, fog, and rain from the airway. Typical louvers allow snow to bounce off and pass through, which blocks eliminators as well as filters. Also, SEFH’s fluid head design melts all forms of precipitation to prevent ice buildup.

Any snow or ice that comes in contact with the louver instantly melts and the resulting water quickly drains away. Furthermore, coils usually require prefilters, however the SEFH offers optimal spacing for first stage water removal of inlets and filtration systems. Consequently, Veotec’s SEFH is an easy retrofit in most applications, either bolted in place or sized to fit inside the hood. Finally, in the case of inlets with existing coils, there is the benefit of an added performance boost.

Features and Benefits of SEFH

  • Efficient water droplet mist/drift removal
  • Exemplary anti-icing
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Cooling for refined performance
  • Top-notch bulk water removal
  • Low airflow resistance
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Durable corrosion-resistant materials
  • Robust construction ensures longevity with low maintenance
  • Customizable to meet requirements
  • Multiple water drainage options

Electric Heated Louvers (SETH)

Veotec SETH

Veotec SETH

Veotec’s Electric Heated Louver option (SETH), installed in the harshest climates of the world, is designed to provide additional protection against snow, ice, as well as freezing fog. Also, SETH has individually trace heated inlet vanes to distribute heat across each blade evenly. Furthermore, individual or central controls are both available for this louver system. Subsequently, the SETH is easy to retrofit into nearly any existing system.

Features and Benefits of SETH

  • Eliminates rain/sea spray from the air
  • Low pressure losses
  • Low maintenance
  • Custom drainage available
  • Especially Efficient up to 5.0m/s
  • Rated for areas marked safe or hazardous
  • Sized to suit nearly any application

Check out the SETH in action below:

Finally, to learn more about Veotec’s SEFH or SETH heated louvers, contact your SVL Sales Representative or click here.