SVL Spotlight

SVL Spotlight videos are here to educate viewers on HVAC concepts. Presented by SVL’s engineers, these videos provide a resource for industry professionals. Whether you are just starting out in the industry or have years of experience, SVL is proud to serve as your industry experts in both commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

In addition to the equipment experts, SVL has knowledgeable service and parts teams to meet all of your HVAC needs. SVL Service has 16 factory-trained union service techs across Roseville, Fargo, Duluth, and Bismarck. Furthermore, four in-house system experts are available for troubleshooting all products carried by SVL. The SVL Aftermarket Parts team has two warehouses (Roseville and Fargo) and seven well-trained specialists to ensure you receive the parts you need when you need them.

Stay tuned for future SVL Spotlight videos.


DEMO Videos

Veotec Heated Louvers

Veotec designs and manufacturers heated intake louvers to prevent water ingress for all types of air intake or exhaust for commercial systems. By combining vane and coil technology Veotec has designed a unique product for very high moisture removal and the ability to heat or cool the inlet air all within one compact offering. Their louvers protect industrial evaporative coolers and chillers, as well as anti-icing solutions.

Dadanco IDU-10 Unit

Dual Coil ventilation systems are incredibly effective for three reasons. They help mitigate the CoV-2 virus via displacement ventilation and ionization. These systems guarantee ventilation effectiveness of 120%, 365 days per year. And finally, when partnered with GPS’ ionization option, the area is achieving ion concentration levels above commercial aircraft standards. The resulting spaces employ individual environments and don’t share air with other rooms, helping to reduce multi-room contamination.