Radiant Ceiling Panels

Radiant Heating

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Radiant Panel ceiling systems are energy and cost-saving method of heating. Radiant heating systems provide comfort much the same way as the sun warms the earth. Radiant cooling and heating systems offer many advantages including:

The heating is distributed radiantly rather than by forced air providing a “draftless” environment.

The pump energy required in hydronic systems is much less than that required for fans in forced air systems. The amount of energy to distribute the same amount of heating in forced air systems is typically 10 times greater than that needed for pumps in a hydronic radiant system.

Space Saving
Radiant ceiling systems do not require wall space.

Ceiling radiant panels offer maximum flexibility in future layout changes, such as enlarging rooms and moving partitions.

Healthy Environment
Radiant systems can takeover the sensible heating requirements allowing the ventilation system to provide only the air required for the latent load and ventilation requirements. This reduces the size of the ductwork and air handlers while providing superior ventilation, which greatly simplifies system design, construction and commissioning, as well as reducing the chances of “sick building syndrome”.