The HV600 Series

Lead times on VFDs are as variable as ever. To help keep projects on schedule, SVL has made significant investments to stock the Yaskawa HV600 VFDs.

We’ve received tremendous feedback on these drives. Our customers appreciate the new keypad and find the drives easy to set up, and end users love the energy savings.

Our lead times are among the best in the region, and these drives are backed by three industry-leading support teams. Plus, they might qualify for energy rebates from local utilities.

Wide Range of Configurations

Yaskawa’s HV600 series spans a wide range of model types and configurations. We’re listening to our customers and doing our best to maintain stock in the most popular models and configurations.

There has been significant recent demand to upgrade and retrofit older buildings. Typically, these buildings have 208 V power, so SVL has maintained a robust stock of VFDs with this voltage rating. We also have 480 V VFDs coming in regularly.

We also have also seen an increase in requests for UL Type 12 VFDs. These are built to a dust-tight standard, so debris and airborne particulate will not disrupt their operation.

With the rise in popularity of VFDs in these demanding conditions, Yaskawa has recently released three new configurations of UL Type 12: Narrow Configured, Narrow Bypass, and Redundant Packages. Yaskawa is the only manufacturer to offer a UL Type 12 Bypass in a Narrow Configuration.

Energy Rebates

The best part about installing a Yaskawa VFD right now is taking advantage of energy rebates being offered by local utility companies. For example, in Minnesota, Xcel Energy is currently offering a 25% bonus rebate for qualifying VFDs installed by August 2023.

Utilities are pushing hard for users to adopt more energy-efficient equipment, so some of these rebates are generous enough to nearly subsidize the entire cost of the drive. Make sure to contact your local utility before the end of the year to capitalize on any deals.

SVL has also helped many of our customers complete the paperwork for these rebates. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like some guidance on your project.

Technical Support

SVL and Yaskawa understand the paramount importance of quick and knowledgeable post-sale support. When customers purchase a Yaskawa VFD from SVL, they have three world-class support teams ready to help you every step of the way.

SVL’s Aftermarket and OEM Equipment Sales team is available to review your application and quote the correct HV600 solution. SVL Service Techs are Yaskawa-certified to provide factory start-up for the HV600 series, and our dedicated technical support group provides any post-sale support you might require. And you can always contact Yaskawa Technical Support 24/7/365 at 1-800-YASKAWA.

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