6 IAQ Solutions For the New Normal of Pandemic Concerns

Pandemic concerns are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. SVL identified six systems to implement in your building’s HVAC system to protect Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and mitigate potential pandemic and COVID-19 exposure. These systems result in safer, cleaner air.

1. Humidity ControlIAQ Solutions Condair RS Series Humidifier pandemic resistant

Studies show maintaining relative humidity levels between 40% and 60% limits bacteria and viruses’ ability to thrive. Additionally, humidity at this range prevents the spread of pathogens and contaminants. Condair’s humidification systems provide reliable, efficient, and precise control of relative humidity in any facility. As a result of many studies into the correlation between relative humidity and occupant health, Condair is driving an initiative to change WHO recommendations on all indoor humidity. Their petition is called 40to60RH.

2. Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

IAQ solution GPS IMOD pandemic

GPS’s Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology ensures ions get into spaces where they successfully clean the breathing zone and surfaces.  This proven technology is highly effective in laboratory and site testing against MS2 Bacteriophage, Staph, MRSA, and C. difficile, showing a significant reduction of bacteria and viruses. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was shown to be reduced by 99.4% in 30 minutes. Furthermore, GPS’s products are verified by UL 2998 to generate zero ozone. Ions from GPS’s products remove pathogens, odors, and particles from the occupied space.

3. Advanced FiltrationIAQ Solution Dynamic V8 System Filter MERV 15

Dynamic Air Cleaners use active-field polarized media to remove the smallest particles from the air. Polarized filtration significantly improves air cleaning due to the three-dimensional loading of particles to media fibers, instead of one-dimensional trapping. Another mechanism of polarization uses particle agglomeration. Agglomeration is the process in which ultrafine particles become polarized after passing through an air cleaner. As a result of polarization, the particles attract each other, in addition to other chemical contaminants. Then they form bigger particles that travel back to the air handling unit and get captured by the Dynamic Air Cleaner, therefore leaving you with cleaner air.

4. Continuous Visible Light Disinfection

IAQ Solutions north dakota economic resiliency grant

SLD‘s Indigo-Clean provides an innovative IAQ solution for COVID-19. The patented Indigo-Clean is a continuous environmental disinfection technology, which uses visible light to safely, automatically, and continuously kill harmful airborne and surface bacteria. Additionally, the Indigo-Clean prevents bacteria from repopulating the space, resulting in bolstered infection prevention efforts.

5. High Energy UVC

north dakota economic resiliency grant

Steril-Aire products deliver an average of 6 times the output of other ultraviolet devices under HVAC operating conditions. Their products offer a full array of lamp sizes and configurations to fit the broadest range of applications. Steril-Aire UVC devices were independently tested. The results showed a 99.96% destruction in a single pass on airborne bacteria, 99% on viruses, and 96% on spores.

6. Displacement Ventilationdisplacement ventilation pandemic resistant

Displacement Ventilation is a ventilation method which improves the removal of airborne contaminants from the occupied space. Traditional Mixing Ventilation designs continuously mix the air in the room and the pathogens further into the occupied zone. In contrast, Displacement Ventilation allows a true one-pass for all of the air in the room. Warm air and pathogens quickly rise out of the occupied area and then return to the air handling unit for proper filtration. DADANCO and Titus make a wide variety of displacement devices. AQC’s BlueDuct underground ductwork then quickly supplies air to the displacement device, mounted at floor level.

Increase Your IAQ

These six systems can help to make your facility safer during the current pandemic and safeguard against possible future contaminants. The eight highlighted manufacturers expertly engineered their high-quality products, ensuring they meet and exceed your requirements. As a result of new scientific discoveries on pathogen transmission, building codes will likely change. Get ahead of future standards by increasing your IAQ.  Now, more than ever, SVL is here to help you identify and implement the best solutions for your specific application.

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