Aermec NYK UnitWith the current push for electrification in the HVAC industry, Aermec has released NYK, a revolutionary low-temperature heat pump

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO — Industry professionals across North America have long been requesting a flexible heat pump system that provides efficient heating, cooling and domestic hot water without using fossil fuels. Aermec has developed a revolutionary new solution that fulfills those precise requirements — the new NYK air-cooled reversible modular heat pump.

The in-house engineering team at Aermec headquarters in Bevilacqua, Italy have designed the NYK with North American market conditions at the forefront of the development process. The unit is ideal for providing heating year-round without any fossil fuels in cold climate regions such as Chicago, Detroit, New York and Toronto.

The new NYK is extremely efficient, provides both heating and cooling, and can provide 40% heat recovery in cooling mode. The unit also operates to -4°F and provides water as hot as 149°F using vapor injection compressors. When using the NYK, backup heat will not be required in many regions to meet heating design temperatures and domestic hot water requirements.

For added flexibility, the NYK can be integrated with the existing Aermec product lineup. The NYK can join Aermec chillers, free cooling chillers, heat pumps, and simultaneous units in the same piping system. The master controller (Multichiller) can control up to 81 modules. As a result, expanding capacity is a seamless solution. The integration increases the tonnage which is ideal for large plant applications.

The NYK is available in two-pipe or four-pipe configurations. Its performance exceeds the minimum efficiencies required by ASHRAE 90.1-2019 regulations. Heating-only, cooling-only, free cooling, heating and cooling, heating and cooling with free cooling, and heat recovery are all available from just one Aermec system. The NYK is an all-in-one solution.

Minimizing the use of fossil fuels is critical to averting the impacts of climate change. Aermec’s high-efficiency electric air source heat pumps and chillers offer a cleaner alternative to traditional oil- and gas-fired building systems.

About Aermec

Aermec has been in the HVAC industry for over 60 years. They are the largest manufacturer of fan coils, chillers, and heat pumps in Europe. Mits Airconditioning recognized the potential of Aermec products and became their master distributor in North America.

Aermec is at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. For more information about Aermec products in North America visit, email, or call Aermec toll free at 1-800-567-2221 (Canada) or 1-888-567-2227 (United States).