Blender Products Air Mixer and Blender Channel Blender

Blender Products’ Air Mixer and Blender Solution Defends Coils Against Freezing

Air mixer and blender solutions are necessary for every HVAC system. These functions help to keep indoor air fresh and protect the unit. The problem is that they can be large, and the expense of two components can be costly. Blender Products created an all-in-one solution: the Channel Blender. The Channel Blender provides defense against frozen coils in a compact design, with high efficiency, temperature control, and even velocity profile. It is also UL 1995 listed.

Blender Products Channel Blender Air Mixer and Blender

Blender Products’ Channel Blender profile view.

Frozen Coil Defense

One of the biggest and expensive challenges for air handling units (AHU) is coil tube ruptures from freezing. Ventilation or running on economizer mode during low ambient temperatures can result in temperature stratification, in classic configurations. The cold air in the plenum can then freeze and shatter coil tubes. Freeze stats warn the system and shut down the AHU but do not protect all coil sections. Additionally, turning off the AHU can be a significant issue for building owners. Freeze stats are the last defense device to save coils but do not get to the root of the issue. The only way to address the root cause of coil freeze is with an air mixer and blender unit.

The Channel Blender provides superior mixing and blending of return and outdoor air, with an integrated damper control. Effective mixing of air is the key to preventing frozen coils. Furthermore, the Channel Blender’s mixing box and dynamic process eliminate the need for a separate blender. The dual-purpose unit saves money by not having separate components and reduces the size required within the AHU.

Air Mixer and Blender Space Savings

Blender Products Channel Blender Air Mixer and Blender

The Channel Blender in an AHU compared to the space required for traditional mixers.

The Channel Blender combines damper control and nearly instantaneous mixing of return and outdoor air. This system eliminates the length needed for typical static mixers; therefore, it only requires half the traditional space. The air tunnel can be reduced by 30″ to 100″, depending on the size of the system. Blender Products’ Channel Blender fits into the classic AHU mixing box, eliminating the need for mixing selection. It also replaces the traditional outdoor and return air dampers in the mixing box.

Air Mixer and Blender Economizer Operation

Inadequate mixing often forces building operators to abandon economizer operations prematurely. However, adequate mixing offers full utilization of free cooling. It also saves owners substantial operating costs.

The Channel Blender is a dynamic mixing system that provides efficient operation in economizer mode. Furthermore, this system ensures necessary ventilation rates with superior temperature mixing.

Temperature Control Accuracy

Sensor precision is greatly jeopardized when temperature and velocity stratification exist. Optimal mixing diminishes sensor errors, therefore safeguarding accurate temperature sensing and control. Additionally, the insulated channel walls prevent condensation from forming in the mixer to maintain humidity levels.

Channel Blender

The Channel Blender. The red arrows signify return air, while the blue arrows signify outside air.

Even Velocity Profile

Velocity maldistribution risks the performance of filtration systems, humidification systems, and heating and cooling coils. Even velocity profile causes system components to work longer and more efficiently. The Channel Blender helps to maintain an even velocity profile.

How the Channel Blender Works

The OA (outside air) and RA (return air) dampers are angled so that the air streams are close together. This allows the air streams to mix in a very short distance. The shorter distance eliminates the traditional mixing section.

Watch the video below to see the Channel Blender in action.

The Game-Changing Air Mixer and Blender

Blender Products’ Channel Blender offers maximum mixing in the smallest component possible while maintaining superior efficiency. The Channel Blender only requires 0.20″ w.g energy in a typical application. Building owners can also save on operation, thanks to the expanded economizer operation range. Furthermore, this system is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, and UL 1995 listed. Add in its ability to prolong the life of AHUs through coil freeze protection, and building owners can see substantial savings upfront and long term.

About Blender Products

In 1962 Blender Products, Inc. began operations focusing on air and gas mixing with static mixing technology. Today, tens of thousands of the company’s patented products are used worldwide. The entire line is made in the U.S.A. Headquartered in Denver, Blender Products is engineering-driven, aiming to offer valuable products and systems to customers. Their dedication to quality is evident through all of the superior air mixer and blender products.

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