The Daikin Rebel Applied Packaged Rooftop Offers Superior Performance and Replaces Trane’s Intellipak Without Needing an Adapter Curb 


Daikin Rebel Applied

Daikin Rebel Applied

Are you a commercial building owner, facility manager or specifying engineer with demanding rooftop performance criteria? SVL understands you need the best performance, period. Finding a retrofit for Trane’s Intellipak® Rooftop Unit (RTU) can be costly due to an additional adapter curb that results in added height and a decrease in ease of service.  


The Daikin Rebel Applied® provides a solution we are confident you will be eager to specify. It requires no additional curb and is simple to service, saving both you and your customer money and hassle, while adding “curb appeal”. 


The aesthetically pleasing Daikin Rebel Applied rooftop system directly replaces your obsolete Trane Intellipak RTU. The Rebel Applied RTU is more accessible to service and cost-effective. You will experience outstanding energy efficiency, unwavering performance, low-audible sound, superior comfort control, dehumidification, and substantial cost savings.  


The Rebel Applied comes equipped with an array of energy-saving features such as ECM fans, inverter scroll compressors, and the energy recovery wheel. Moreover, the Rebel Applied generates efficiencies unheard of in a commercial rooftop system. 


Exceptional cost savings and performance make the Rebel Applied® unit ideal for low-rise commercial buildings such as schools, office buildings, grocery stores, malls, and other retail stores. 

Furthermore, other well-suited environments include:

  • 100% outdoor air facilities
  • Variable air volume (VAV) with duct pressure control
  • Single-zone VAV
  • Constant air volume (CAV)

Advanced Technologies

To meet and exceed demanding building performance criteria, Rebel Applied integrates advanced HVAC technologies, including: 

  • Variable-speed inverter compressor
  • Variable-speed heat pump with supplemental gas, electric, hot­­, or modulating heat
  • Direct-drive fans with variable speed ECM motors
  • Energy recovery wheel
  • Outdoor air monitor
  • Modulating hot gas reheat
  • MicroTech® III controls
  • Intelligent Equipment®

The Highest Performance Design

Capitalize on high-performance cabinetry featuring a Class 6 leakage rating at +/- 6″ of static pressure (based on ASHRAE Standard 111). Additionally, add a thermally broken design that eliminates energy-robbing direct conduction paths.


Daikin’s Rebel Applied Offers Maximum Energy Efficiency

Get superior efficiencies with EERs exceeding 11.0 and IEERs up to 20.0 by incorporating the latest advanced technologies. One example is the EC motors and high-efficiency scroll compressors, which enable Rebel Applied to far exceed minimum energy efficiency requirements through 2023. 


The Daikin Rebel Applied Provides the Lowest Total Lifecycle Cost

Installation through lifecycle maintenance saves money, time, and energy by qualifying for utility rebates. Some of these rebates include factory pre-commissioned controls, refrigeration monitoring sensors, ECM fans that eliminate belt/bearing maintenance, and Intelligent Equipment️ control for remote monitoring. 


The Daikin Rebel Applied Offers Unlimited Configurability

Gain unprecedented configuration flexibility to fit new applications or retrofit applications, replacing Daikin and competitor rooftop units with Rebel Applied’s noadapter curb modular design that is up to 37% shorter and 30% lighter than legacy applied rooftops. 


Download the Rebel Applied product brochure: Click Here