ExpertAire™ Wide Temperature Range Series

Dehumidification System

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ExpertAire Desert Aire

More cost-effective than chemical-based units, Desert Aire’s LW Series dehumidification solutions win the battles between low-temperature environments and moisture challenges. These dehumidification systems keep space humidity low while controlling outdoor air.

Many applications need the removal of unwanted moisture. If unchecked, this moisture causes condensation on walls, windows and floors. This can create problems with a building’s structural integrity and endanger customers and employees. In manufacturing, a humid environment can also contribute to lowered productivity by damaging products or increasing cycle times.

An ExpertAire™ dehumidifier optimizes moisture removal by using a specially designed coil to maximize the system’s latent capability, thus yielding 3 to 4 times the moisture removal capacity over a standard air conditioning system. Each system also includes a hot gas reheat coil sized for 100% rejection of the recovered energy. This coil allows the unit to continue to dehumidify without over-cooling the space.

ExpertAire™ models are fully protected with IEC starters, overloads and refrigerant switches. ExpertAire™ dehumidifiers feature scroll compressors for high efficiency and long life. Other components, such as our cabinet, are also designed for longevity, manufactured from galvanneal with a high impact, powder coat textured paint finish.

These low-temperature solutions are ideal for:

  • Ice arenas
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Food storage and processing facilities
  • Indoor grow product drying rooms

Features and Specs

  • Indoor, outdoor, and roof curb installation
  • Configurable to meet specific application requirements
  • Provides dehumidification, cooling, and heating for a facility
  • Defrost cycle allows operation down to 40 °F (5 °C).
  • Electric or hot water coil auxiliary heat options
  • All voltages and phases available, including single phase
  • Integral microprocessor controller with all sensors
  • Building management connection available