Hannah Koecher

Human Resources Assistant

Hannah Koecher


Bachelors in Business Administration and HR from Metropolitan State University

Life Goal

To Be Happy


Hiking, Spending the Summer Outside, and Listening to True Crime Podcasts

Favorite Holiday Treat

Gingerbread or Snickerdoodle Cookies

Famous Person (Dead or Alive) You’d Like to Meet


Dream Vacation

Greece with a Room Overlooking the Ocean

First Thing You’d Buy If You Won the Lottery

A Trip to a Tropical Island

SVL would like to welcome our new HR Assistant, Hannah Koecher. Hannah grew up in east-central Minn. After a conversation with her mom in high school, she decided to pursue a career in human resources. Hannah earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minn. She enjoyed learning about all aspects of human resources and saw an opportunity to use her strengths in that field. The human element and nontechnical sides of HR are what piqued her interest. She was intrigued by putting herself in other people’s shoes and understanding how another person may be looking at a challenge while keeping a professional and business mindset.

Before coming to SVL, Hannah collaborated with nine other HR professionals at a senior care, senior living, and adult disabilities company for a year and a half. Hannah’s calm demeanor, passion for helping others, and attention to detail make her an outstanding addition to the HR Team and SVL as a whole.

Summertime and Podcasts

Hannah enjoys hiking during the summer and listening to true crime podcasts in her free time.

Summer is unequivocally her favorite time of year. She takes full advantage of the warm weather and spends as much time outside, by the lake, and hiking as she can.

Hannah highly recommends ‘My Favorite Murderer,’ a podcast with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. “They do an amazing job at telling the stories of those who can no longer tell their own while adding comedy into every podcast. I listen to at least one of their episodes a day!” Hannah stated enthusiastically.

Master Money Manager?

If Hannah could be an expert in one subject, she would master investing and the stock market. “I’m not necessarily money-driven but I would love to learn how to be ‘smart’ with my money and optimize my earnings,” she said.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

A final fun fact about Hannah is that polar bears are her favorite animal. She thinks they’re fascinating and beautiful creatures. The polar bear exhibit is a must-see at the zoo for her.

We’re so glad to have Hannah on the team!

A Peek Inside SVL’s Culture

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