Innovent C-Series (up to 250,000 CFM)

Custom Air Handlers

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Innovent C-Series Custom Air Handlers

Meeting unique challenges with cost-effective solutions has made Innovent an industry leader in the design of large, heavy-duty air handling systems for critical environments. Our engineers and sales representatives work closely with you to evaluate your specific heating, cooling and air-quality requirements and then custom design a one-of-a-kind, energy-efficient, dependable system to handle up to 200,000 cfm.

Innovent E-Series

Energy Recovery

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Innovent E-Series Energy Recovery

Spaces that need to be maintained at low humidities and tight tolerances push typical air handling equipment beyond its capabilities. Innovent D-Series units deliver extra dry air to maintain spaces below 50% relative humidity, creating healthy and controlled environments for occupants in hospitals, clean rooms and research facilities. D-Series units also maintain controlled environments for preservation purposes such as museums, archive storage and ice rinks.