Johnson Air-Rotation® HVAC Systems


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Johnson Air-Rotation System Digi-Key Electrictonics

Air-Rotation / Air Turnover is a cost effective, efficient, and flexible HVAC system solution for large, open spaces. This ductless approach uses grade mounted, vertical air handlers to evenly condition large spaces.

  • Any single zone space of at least 20,000ft2, with 15-20ft.+ ceilings, is a potential Air-Rotation candidate
  • Johnson Air-Rotation® eliminates much of the infrastructure needed for more conventional systems meaning cost savings for customers.
  • These grade mounted, vertical air handlers are maintained from ground level, making maintenance easy.
  • Johnson introduces conditioned air near the roof deck that returns at the ground and uses efficient prop fans, making air-rotation extremely efficient.
  • In many applications, temperature and humidity design criteria are critical, meaning consistency is a must, and Johnson Air-Rotation® HVAC Systems keep the temperature consistent throughout.