Modular Central Plants

Central Plants

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Systecon - Modular Central Plants

Systecon® a leading manufacturer of modular central plants including chiller plants, hot water and steam boiler plants, geothermal, and cogeneration plants – custom designed, factory assembled, performance tested, and delivered to the worksite ready for installation. Their factory-built systems minimize costs, offer less risk and shorter project schedules compared to traditional field-built systems.

Systecon® - Outdoor Central Plant Enclosure

Outdoor Central Plant Enclosure

As a custom manufacturer, Systecon® Inc. can meet project specifications for your market, including redundancy, controls, footprint and service requirements. They have delivered solutions for a variety of system sizes and applications, including systems from 100 to 30,000 GPM and projects from 50 to 10,000 tons in size.

All Systecon® products are designed using the latest 3D design software. This allows for the creation of detailed computer models that can be manipulated and updated throughout the design process, helping eliminate errors in production and allowing you to visualize the final product.

Systecon® systems are designed with the smallest footprint possible while still allowing space for maintenance and expansion if desired. Plants can be designed for indoor or outdoor applications with enclosure options to fit any design aesthetic.

Performance testing is a requirement for ALL Systecon® systems, regardless of size or application. Every component is validated to confirm that your package meets the predicted performance before it leaves our factory.

Custom Systems
Systecon®’s top priority is to provide the highest quality, custom solution to fit your needs and budget, while making sure you retain control over the design and implementation of your project. Systecon®’s OEM relationships allow you to choose your system components from a wide variety of top equipment brands.

Flow Test Stand
Systecon®’s in-house flow test stand can handle up to 30,000 GPM, ensuring every Systecon® project is tested up to full design flow – something that field built systems can’t always accommodate. The factory test also includes a full simulation of the control sequences – pump staging, chiller staging, valve operation, failure modes, and transmitter signals.

Systecon®’s central plant controls combine industrial grade programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with a dedicated interface screen and remote interface devices to deliver the most robust systems guaranteed to run without failure. Using the latest PLC technology available from Allen-Bradley, Systecon®’s controls can provide unmatched speed, reliability, and redundancy.

About Systecon® Inc.
Systecon® has been analyzing hydronic systems and developing integrated systems to fit our customers’ needs for five decades and was first in the industry to develop a modular chiller plant. They lead the industry in developing new technologies, like Wire-to-Water Efficiency, VariPrime® variable primary pumping, and CritiChill® modular indirect evaporative cooling, which improve system reliability and efficiency, while saving customers time and facility space as well as installation and operating costs. Systecon®, Inc. takes great pride in the quality of the systems they manufacture and the value provided to their customers.